The title "Melchizedek" is probably best known from the Bible as the figure who suddenly appeared, fully-grown, in a desert Bedouin's tent in Abraham's time. He was known as "The Sage of Salem, " and he was pivotal in Earth's spiritual history as an emergency bestowal from the celestial government for the purpose of re-invigorating the one-God concept, which at that time was in danger of disappearing altogether. In fact, the bestowal of Machiventa Melchizedek constituted the third bestowal of epochal significance to Earth. The fourth was the incarnation of Jesus, and the fifth was The Urantia Book. It was with Melchizedek that Abraham made the great Covenant.

Please click HERE for the complete story of this amazing Son of God with whom Urantians are most familiar. The story is long and interesting, and worthy of a complete read. In addition, Paper 94, Paper 95 and Paper 96 contain extensive information concerning the effects and reach of the Melchizedek teachings throughout the Middle East and the Orient.

In the following selections, you will learn additional facts regarding Machiventa, as well as lots of information regarding Melchizedeks, their associations and influence on Earth, and in the Universes.