Q: Do you have factual sources for the information presented in The Urantia Book? For instance, the precise date that Jesus was at Nathaniel’s house for breakfast and for the behaviour and conversation that followed, the time-lines, His life story, including the works that He did to support His family financially?

A: I was not altogether certain about the answers to your questions, so I consulted one of our other team members, and here is what he wrote:

“The Bible is not a chronology; dates do not play an important part in either the Old or the New Testament other than the dates when Passover occurs. The 4 Gospels are written in sequences that do not agree with one another. The date of Jesus’ birth isn’t known. Any dates based on Biblical writing are ‘best guess.’

“The basis for Part IV of The Urantia Book comes from the narrative supplied by a secondary midwayer, a record keeper who was there and witnessed the events as they unfolded. Chronology in this narrative is both meaningful and important. Days and their dates, months and years are recorded. This information was related in 1934, before computers were available. Chronology charts were available, but weren’t entirely accurate – -accuracy didn’t occur until computerization. Computer tests of the days and dates given in The Urantia Book have not uncovered any errors. Such accuracy would have been beyond human ability.

Computer Analysis of Dates in The Urantia Book, by Matt Neibaur, M.D.

Scientific Symposium I, 1988

Determining Days of the Week in Urantia Book Dates

Back to me again:

I think you might be most interested in the second of these links—it is a 7-minute video showing the site and method that was used to pinpoint the days of the week as they agree with dates in The Urantia Book…and there are many of those kinds of dates (with days of week mentioned). The video mentions that there are over 100 of them in the book. I feel certain that the revelators were well-aware that sometime in the future (like now), the technology would be in place to verify this information…

As for the rest of your questions—as pointed out above, the events of Jesus’ life, including all of that info about his life that is entirely absent from the Bible, are revealed to us in the book by celestial eyewitnesses—beings that were actually there (though unseen). And this seems reasonable to me—that the bestowal of a Son of God upon our planet was so important in the plan of progress on earth, not one minute of it went unrecorded somewhere, by someone. What we have in The Urantia Book is an accounting of those events as they really happened. Of course, not every moment is in the book—it would be way too long. But the revelators have given us an accurate accounting of Jesus’ life that is unparallelled anywhere else on the planet.

By the way, in the TruthBook timeline here, at the 7 BC entries, you’ll now find some other Biblical chronologies for comparison…

I want to thank you for your questions, and for contacting us. It is a pleasure for all of us to try and help you appreciate the gift that is The Urantia Book.

Please feel free to write back any time…!

Date published: 2013-05-23 14:04:59
Author: Truthbook Staff