Q: Does Atlantis exist? And what does The Urantia Book say about it?

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You ask about Atlantis—whether it exists and what The Urantia Book says about it…

As you likely know, Atlantis is a much-storied continent which supposedly was a center for world culture, engineering, animal husbandry, science and advanced civilization. It is said to have vanished in a flood (or other calamity) centuries ago, but the legends of its existence persist to this day. We first hear about Atlantis in the writings of Plato. His “Critias” offers a fairly detailed description of the city and its environs, so we know that there was something there. His writings lend credibility and evidence to its being a real place.

The Urantia Book makes no mention of Atlantis as such; however, there are those who believe that the legends of Atlantis stem from the original Garden of Eden. In many details, the Garden home of Adam and Eve fits the description of the legendary enlightened civilization given by Plato. We have a page on our site HERE which introduces the reader to the possibility that Atlantis and the Garden of Eden are one and the same place.

Robert Sarmast undertook more than one sea-going expedition to the area just off the coast of Cyprus to investigate the underwater remnants of the fabled city. The results that were produced were inconclusive; however, in location, and through other similarities, it remains an intriguing possibility that the garden home of Adam and Eve—which was also destroyed in a flood—was the actual place that Plato saw, and which he named “Atlantis.”

When you think about it, it would stand to reason that the Garden of Eden would have had an enduring influence on proceeding generations. It was a highly enlightened civilization that endured for more than 100 years before its inhabitants—of celestial origins—were forced to leave as a result of Adam and Eve’s default; even so, its culture produced the highest form of civilization which had been seen on the earth up to its time.

So, does Atlantis exist today? If you can entertain the possibility of the Garden of Eden connection, it does indeed exist; however, it is buried under centuries of silt and debris, a mile beneath the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps in time, and with improved technology, the day will come when this connection can be proved. Until then, it is conjecture. Please click on the links that I have provided to help you to draw your own conclusions.

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