Thanks for you note to us at TruthBook. If you are interested in Jesus, I hope you are a student of The Urantia Book, as it contains the complete Life and Teachings of Jesus in Part IV.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Christ/Jesus:

Christ (/kra?st/; Ancient Greek: ???st??, Christós, meaning “anointed”) is a translation of the Hebrew ???????? (Mašîa?) and the Syriac (M’shiha), the Messiah, and is used as a title for Jesus in the New Testament.[3][4] In common usage, “Christ” is generally treated as synonymous with Jesus of Nazareth.[4][5] The followers of Jesus became known as Christians (as in Acts 11:26) because they believed Jesus to be the Christós (from Greek, “Messiah”) prophesied in the Greek Old Testament,[6][7] for example in the Confession of Peter.

And this is pretty much the understanding that I have always had as well. Jesus is “the Christ.”

In The Urantia Book, the term “Christ Michael of Nebadon” is used often to describe Jesus. Like the word Christ, Michael is also a title – a designation for a divine Son of God, which is who Jesus was before he incarnated here as the babe of Bethlehem, and who he is still today. Nebadon is the name of the universe that Michael created – the universe in which we live. And so, these terms together are titles for Jesus (the human name of Christ Michael) in his purely divine form.

I believe the Church converted “Jesus” to the “glorified Christ”, elevating him from his human status and placing him as the 3rd person of Deity. Christ is a concept, Jesus is a person. We don’t relate to Christ, don’t hold Christ’s hand; we can relate to Jesus on a personal level. The Son of God, as Jesus, is relatable to us because it was Jesus the man who became the Son of God. Jesus Christ is conceptually above and beyond Jesus the man, whether as the Son of God or the Son of Man.

I hope this reply is helpful. For the most complete and thrilling revelation of who Jesus is and who Christ Michael is, I encourage you to read PART IV of the Urantia Book.

Thanks again for writing, and please write back any time if you have other questions about Jesus, Christ, or any other spiritual topic.

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