Thanks for you note to us here at, a website dedicated to Jesus in The Urantia Book. You asked: When did Jesus die? There are a lot of opinions but is there a date?

The Urantia Book reveals the day, date, and time of Jesus’ death as: Friday April 7, 30 A.D, just before 3pm

For the most complete understanding of the tragic last day of Jesus’ life, please start at: (the morning of April 7, 30, AD), the time of Jesus’ trial before Pilate, and read through until the end of Paper 187, where we read:

187:5.5 It was just before three o’clock when Jesus, with a loud voice, cried out, “It is finished! Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” And when he had thus spoken, he bowed his head and gave up the life struggle. When the Roman centurion saw how Jesus died, he smote his breast and said: “This was indeed a righteous man; truly he must have been a Son of God.” And from that hour he began to believe in Jesus.

Through The Urantia Book, a revelation given to us from celestial government, we can now appreciate fully the complete life and teachings of Jesus. This account is taken from records that were faithfully preserved for centuries by celestial eyewitnesses who were actually present during those times, waiting for the day when the real life of Jesus could be once again presented to the world, free from faulty perceptions or incompleteness of fact.

How can we be so sure? Throughout The Urantia Book’s account of the Master’s life, we are given not only dates, but corresponding days of the week. The book was given to us complete in 1955, a time well before the advent of computers. Even at that time, these days and dates could not have been corroborated, but now they have been corroborated and proven through computer science.

Please see this very interesting article, which explains how this has been done, including more information on the date of the crucifixion.

In the opinion of many, this sort of date/day analysis is further proof that The Urantia Book is indeed, a true and accurate narration of Jesus’ lfe.

Thanks so much for writing, and I hope that this may inspire you to look further into The Urantia Book, and the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

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