Q:When humans reach that point whereon they can discern the spirit activities of a Thought Adjuster, are they at liberty to trigger direct interaction with them? As in the human asking and the TA answering?

A:Thanks for writing to us with this important question.

The Urantia Book does teach that it is possible for mortals to discern “spirit activities.” And I think it is natural to one who loves God and his will to desire communication with him. The Urantia Book’s revelations about the indwelling Adjuster makes this communication seem all the more possible when we know that the Father’s divine spirit lives right in our own mind. Here is a passage about that possibility in which we learn that prayer and worship appear to be the best avenue for a true kind of communication between God and man:


91:6.7 But the efficacy of prayer in the personal spiritual experience of the one who prays is in no way dependent on such a worshiper’s intellectual understanding, philosophic acumen, social level, cultural status, or other mortal acquirements. The psychic and spiritual concomitants of the prayer of faith are immediate, personal, and experiential. There is no other technique whereby every man, regardless of all other mortal accomplishments, can so effectively and immediately approach the threshold of that realm wherein he can communicate with his Maker, where the creature contacts with the reality of the Creator, with the indwelling Thought Adjuster.

Nevertheless, the teachings of The Urantia Book are clear about the potential for the misunderstanding of such communications. It’s important that we understand how easy it is to be mistaken. Consider these caveats:

100:5.6 If one is disposed to recognize a theoretical subconscious mind as a practical working hypothesis in the otherwise unified intellectual life, then, to be consistent, one should postulate a similar and corresponding realm of ascending intellectual activity as the superconscious level, the zone of immediate contact with the indwelling spirit entity, the Thought Adjuster. The great danger in all these psychic speculations is that visions and other so-called mystic experiences, along with extraordinary dreams, may be regarded as divine communications to the human mind. In times past, divine beings have revealed themselves to certain God-knowing persons, not because of their mystic trances or morbid visions, but in spite of all these phenomena.

100:5.7 In contrast with conversion-seeking, the better approach to the morontia zones of possible contact with the Thought Adjuster would be through living faith and sincere worship, wholehearted and unselfish prayer. Altogether too much of the uprush of the memories of the unconscious levels of the human mind has been mistaken for divine revelations and spirit leadings.

110:3.1 Adjusters are playing the sacred and superb game of the ages; they are engaged in one of the supreme adventures of time in space. And how happy they are when your co-operation permits them to lend assistance in your short struggles of time as they continue to prosecute their larger tasks of eternity. But usually, when your Adjuster attempts to communicate with you, the message is lost in the material currents of the energy streams of human mind; only occasionally do you catch an echo, a faint and distant echo, of the divine voice.


110:5.6 In varying degrees and increasingly as you ascend the psychic circles, sometimes directly, but more often indirectly, you do communicate with your Adjusters. But it is dangerous to entertain the idea that every new concept originating in the human mind is the dictation of the Adjuster. More often, in beings of your order, that which you accept as the Adjuster’s voice is in reality the emanation of your own intellect. This is dangerous ground, and every human being must settle these problems for himself in accordance with his natural human wisdom and superhuman insight.


110:6.4 When the development of the intellectual nature proceeds faster than that of the spiritual, such a situation renders communication with the Thought Adjuster both difficult and dangerous. Likewise, overspiritual development tends to produce a fanatical and perverted interpretation of the spirit leadings of the divine indweller. Lack of spiritual capacity makes it very difficult to transmit to such a material intellect the spiritual truths resident in the higher superconsciousness. It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function—when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development—that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being. By such a balanced growth does man ascend the circles of planetary progression one by one, from the seventh to the first.

Nevertheless, I think it’s always a good idea to attempt that kind of communication. Jesus advised it, and he even went so far as to say “every honest attempt of the material mind to communicate with its indwelling spirit meets with certain success,” but he also gave a qualification; it may not work as well as we hope:

133:4.10 To the traveler from Britain he said: “My brother, I perceive you are seeking for truth, and I suggest that the spirit of the Father of all truth may chance to dwell within you. Did you ever sincerely endeavor to talk with the spirit of your own soul? Such a thing is indeed difficult and seldom yields consciousness of success; but every honest attempt of the material mind to communicate with its indwelling spirit meets with certain success, notwithstanding that the majority of all such magnificent human experiences must long remain as superconscious registrations in the souls of such God-knowing mortals.”

In the end, once we have read and understood the possibilities and the pitfalls of trying to communicate directly with our indwelling Spirit, I see no harm in making that attempt, always being aware that what we “hear” should be evaluated in light of our undersdtanding of God and his nature; in other words, it would be impossible for God to communicate anything other than loving concepts or uplifting messages that promote loving relations with God, and with others, for love is his primary nature.

It’s always a good idea to become better friends with God – he is a personality, he is our Spirit Father, and he does desire to have a relationship with each of us; it is for this reason that he has gifted us with his holy presence as the Adjuster. Personalities always try to communicate with other personalities. All sincere efforts towards better communication can only be good. But you must settle this matter in accordance with your own “natural human wisdom and superhuman insight.”

Thanks again for writing; I hope this reply has been helpful.

Date published: 2018-07-17 11:17:11
Author: Truthbook Staff