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A core part of The Urantia Book is Part IV, the complete life of Jesus as never before told. At Truthbook, we bring the story to life with hundreds of images…Jesus Pictures & More

The Urantia Book: A Cosmically Relevant Jesus Story

Of all the possible challenges the Christian story might face, the discovery of intelligent life on another world will shake the foundations like nothing before. With the Christian story based on specific events within a specific culture on our planet at a particular point in time, how do human views of philosophy, theology, spiritual living and eternal life relate to lives lived elsewhere in an inhabited universe?

How does the life of Jesus on our world relate to the cultural evolution of what may well be a countless array of inhabited planets in our universe? With a theology of sacrifice based on the traditions of primitive Hebrew bedouin tribes, how do concepts such as salvation and grace assume significance on a world with a different evolutionary history than our earth? Read More

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