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Planetary Mortals

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Crowds of people
I believe in the immortality of the soul because I have within me immortal longings." - Helen Keller


Earth is the First Step in our Universe Career

Stage one of our universe career begins on earth or Urantia, as our planet is known throughout the universes. After our short and intense test here on earth, we proceed inward toward the Isle of Paradise.

Each of us is an evolutionary mixture of personality, spirit, body, mind, and soul. We are transient citizens of this world, living here for only a brief period of time.

Our survival status is determined on earth. It is here where we accept or reject God and choose between a life of goodness and inner peace or one of evil and turrnoil.

"There is only one way to get ready for immortality, and that is to love this life and live it as bravely and faithfully and cheerfully as we can." — Henry Van Dyke

Our earth life is filled with paradoxes and contrasts. It is both tears and smiles, a slow struggling process lightened by moments of joy. Yet this life is not in vain. God gave it to us for a purpose. It is up to us to have faith and make the most of our time on earth. By loving and serving others we make a difference to our families, our communities, and the entire human race.

Mother and child
Our lives are not lived in vain.
The love we give one another
makes life worthwhile.
"All true love is from God, and man receives the divine affection as he himself bestows this love upon his fellows. Love is dynamic. It can never be captured; it is alive, free, thrilling, and always moving. Man can never take the love of the Father and imprison it within his heart. The Father's love can become real to mortal man only by passing through that man's personality as he in turn bestows this love upon his fellows." ~ The Urantia Book 117:6.10

The Heavenly Father is the Good Parent

Jesus referred to our Father in heaven as the good parent who is always attuned to his faithful and trusting children. Whether that faith is a tiny flicker or a brilliant light, the Paradise Father will unfailingly respond. His mercy and love are never withheld from his faithful sons and daughters.

When our struggle on earth is over, we leave our home world behind. As in the dreams of poets, heavenly worlds beckon-shining spheres of life and light await us.

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