It is literally true that God dwells within you - in your heart and in your mind. This divine presence is called the "Thought Adjuster." By listening to the "still, small voice" within your own mind, you can become assured of this eternal truth.

God's love for his mortal children is so encompassing, so far-reaching, that he makes himself completely available to every individual mortal through the ministry of mind; this simply means that a fragment - a "spark" - of God literally indwells your mind, thus allowing God to experience in the most intimate way, your day-to-day life with you, good and bad. In turn, we mortals are allowed to experience in our inmost beings the reality of God - his goodness, his love and his joy. As we strive more and more to find him within our hearts, he becomes just that much more real in our experience. We live in God, and God does, literally, live in us. The Urantia Book designates this fragment of God the Thought Adjuster. Its job is to help attune our thoughts and our minds towards the recognition of the always desirable will of God. "It is your thoughts, not your feelings, that lead you Godward."

Said Jesus: "No more shall suffering mortals be denied the comfort of knowing the love of God and understanding the mercy of the Father in heaven. While the speech of God spoken from the whirlwind was a majestic concept for the day of its utterance, you have already learned that the Father does not thus reveal himself, but rather that he speaks within the human heart as a still, small voice, saying, `This is the way; walk therein.' Do you not comprehend that God dwells within you, that he has become what you are that he may make you what he is!" ~ The Urantia Book, (148:6.10)

This is such a beautiful statement, and so plainly said - Jesus did not equivocate. What a comfort - what a joy - what a solid foundation upon which to build a strong faith and a life of truth, beauty and goodness...to know for certain that we go in partnership with the very Creator of all that is! And when we come to know - and experience - this saving fact of the Father's indwelling presence, it can transform a mediocre life into one of renewed purpose, grace and goodness.

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