The Urantia Book re-defines religion. Instead of being associated with any church, religion is defined as "the spiritual unification of all that is good, beautiful, and true in human experience." True religion is always primarily a personal, and inner experience.

Religion has to do with the spiritual viewpoint, the awareness of the insideness of human experience. Man's spiritual nature affords him the opportunity of turning the universe outside in. It is therefore true that, viewed exclusively from the insideness of personality experience, all creation appears to be spiritual in nature. ~ The Urantia Book, (103 :6.3)

In reality, every human being defines religion in the terms of his own experiential interpretation of the divine impulses emanating from the God spirit that indwells him, and therefore must such an interpretation be unique and wholly different from the religious philosophy of all other human beings. ~ The Urantia Book, (103 :1.1)

The security of a religious group depends on spiritual unity, not on theological uniformity. A religious group should be able to enjoy the liberty of freethinking without having to become "freethinkers." There is great hope for any church that worships the living God, validates the brotherhood of man, and dares to remove all creedal pressure from its members. ~ The Urantia Book, (103 :5.12)

Universe citizenship

Religion effectually cures man's sense of idealistic isolation or spiritual loneliness; it enfranchises the believer as a son of God, a citizen of a new and meaningful universe. 

The Urantia Book, (101:10.7)

The Good in Religion

The many religions of Urantia [Earth] are all good to the extent that they bring man to God and bring the realization of the Father to man. 

The Urantia Book, (92:7.3)

Religious Peace

Religious peace - brotherhood - can never exist unless all religions are willing to completely divest themselves of all ecclesiastical authority and fully surrender all concept of spiritual sovereignty. God alone is spirit sovereign. 

The Urantia Book, (134:4.4)

Our Sure Leader

"God is our sure leader and unfailing guide. He is the great parent of heaven and earth, possessed of unlimited energy and infinite wisdom. His splendor is sublime and his beauty divine. 

Hinduism, The Urantia Book, (131:4.4)

Becoming Immortal

"God is our protector—he stands by the side of his creatures— and those who learn to know him become immortal. 

Hinduism in The Urantia Book,(131:4.2)

The Touch of Healing

"…God observes all things with a flashing eye. His touch is the touch of healing. 

Zoroastrianism, The Urantia Book,(131:5.2)

God is the Source

"All things come from, and belong to, the One God—all-wise, good, righteous, holy, resplendent, and glorious. This, our God, is the source of all luminosity." 

Zoroastrianism, The Urantia Book,(131:5.2)

Seeking God

If you seek me, you shall find me if you search for me with all your heart. 

Judaism, The Urantia Book, (131:2.9)