One mansion world day equals three days of earth time.
At the darkest point of a mansion world night, the light is as bright as a full moon night an earth.

Moon behind trees

Happy couple by George Glod
On the heavenly worlds
the opposite genders will
continue to fascinate,
stimulate and
comfort one another.

  1. Human beings are the lowest level of freewill creatures in the universe.
  2. We are all born as children of the Paradise Father. Yet, to be resurrected, we must exercise faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.
  3. After resurrection, we start our new life where we left off on earth.
  4. When we awaken from the sleep of survival, we will recognize our family, friends, and acquaintances, and they will recognize us.
  5. After checking in on the mansion worlds, our first ten days are spent on vacation. During this time, we can visit family and friends who have gone before us, explore our new home, and look over plans for the immediate future.
  6. After we die, we are not permitted to communicate with anyone still living on earth. The spirits of the dead don't come back. There are no ghosts.
  7. Men and women always retain their gender characteristics. Even after we have journeyed to Paradise and are full spirit beings, opposite genders will continue to fascinate and comfort one another.
  8. On most of the heavenly worlds there are enormous circular crystal receiving stations. One of these stations was described by John in the Bible as "the sea of glass." Some measure nearly one hundred miles in circumference and thirty miles in depth. These crystals function as receiving and broadcasting stations and as landing fields. We will spend many hours around these seas of glass, listening to news, attending cultural perfomances, and worshiping the Paradise Father.
  9. The experience of loving and serving others increases as we progress toward Paradise. The universe is dominated by love. "The more one loves, the nearer he approaches God, for God is the spirit of infinite love." ~ R. W. Trive
  10. On the heavenly worlds we interact with resurrected mortals from many different planets. Even though all of us had different intellectual, spiritual, physical, and racial backgrounds, as former humans we shared these common features: we all stood erect, we were either male or female, we had two arms and two legs, we possessed the freewill to either accept or reject God, and we all had the opportunity for resurrection after death.
  11. On older, more evolved worlds, the departure of a loved one is not generally met with great sorrow or grief. Death is seen as a passage or a graduation, anticipated with happy expectations of the worlds ahead.
  12. A child who dies before having the opportunity to make a freewill faith decision to accept God will be resurrected when either parent is resurrected.
  13. Days are much longer as we get closer to Paradise. One day of mansion world time is equal to about three earth days. One day of local universe time is equal to about eighteen earth days. One day of superuniverse time is equal to thirty earth days. One day on Paradise is equal to almost one thousand earth years.
  14. The universe is a big school. We spend a great amount of time in education programs. When we are not working in service missions or playing, we are in training. As we progress from earth to Paradise, specialized techniques are used to communicate knowledge. One hour of training on Paradise equals ten thousand years of memory methods on earth.
  15. Our earthly material bodies have five physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Our morontia bodies have the potential of seventy senses.
Many cultures by Patrick Yesh