Life of Jesus as told in The Urantia Book

Jesus' Tenth Year

It was the fifth of July, the first Sabbath of the month, when Jesus, while strolling through the countryside with his father, first gave expression to feelings and ideas which indicated that he was becoming self-conscious of the unusual nature of his life mission..."
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"Self-exalters" will be humbled

At a Sabbath breakfast in his honor today, Jesus proclaimed to a gathering of forty that: "He who exalts himself shall be humbled, while he who humbles himself shall be exalted." This remark followed an incident in which a dignitary was offended because Jesus, not he, was given the seat of honor. During the breakfast, a sick man entered. Although the offended dignitary protested his presence, the sick man sat...

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The Life of Jesus as Never Before Told

The fourth section of The Urantia Book focuses on the complete life of Jesus, including the "missing years". Many parts of the story will be familiar to readers of The Bible, but the total section includes over 700 pages abounding with new stories and teachings.