Life of Jesus as told in The Urantia Book

The Believer's Prayer

But the apostles were not yet satisfied; they desired Jesus to give them a model prayer which they could teach the new disciples. After listening to this discourse on prayer, James Zebedee said: “Very good, Master, but we do not desire a form of prayer for ourselves so much as for the newer believers who so frequently beseech us...
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Youth vows to “cleanse temple”

Unnamed sources report that Jesus ben Joseph, the youth who astounded elders at the temple with his inquiries and comments last week, has vowed to “cleanse the temple.” Reportedly the young Nazarene stood upon the brow of Mount Olivet and made the declaration in the company of his amazed parents. Exactly what he meant by this declaration is not known. One rabbi who heard...

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The Life of Jesus as Never Before Told

The fourth section of The Urantia Book focuses on the complete life of Jesus, including the "missing years". Many parts of the story will be familiar to readers of The Bible, but the total section includes over 700 pages abounding with new stories and teachings.