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The Urantia Book tells the complete story of the life and teachings of Jesus. Included is the "lost" 30 years between Jesus' birth and his public ministry, information not described in the New Testament. You can read about where Jesus came from, his family life, school years, brothers and sisters, marriage proposal, Mediterranean travels, what happened to Joseph, and where Jesus is now. If you’re a believing Christian looking for more truth about Jesus, you’ve come upon a wellspring of saving grace. Read the entire story

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Local contractor killed

It was announced today that Joseph, a well-known local contractor and carpenter, died from injuries received from a falling derrick while working on the palace of Herod Antipas in Sepphoris. Mary, the wife of the victim, was on her way from Nazareth to the accident site and could not be reached for comment. The family has been noted for their son, Jesus, who has been acclaimed by...

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