Life of Jesus as told in The Urantia Book

Living Water

When the Master and the twelve arrived at Jacob's Well, Jesus, being weary from the journey, tarried by the well while Philip took the apostles with him to assist in bringing food and tents from Sychar, for they were disposed to stay in this vicinity for a while...
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Jesus' apostles train...and wait

Five months have passed since Jesus organized his twelve apostles, but so far all they have done is fish and study. Several of the men seemed impatient, but unwavering in their faith in Jesus. One commented: "Jesus is the best friend I have ever had. Nothing seems so important to the Master as the individual human being—the person in his immediate presence. He will pause during a profound discourse to...

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The Life of Jesus as Never Before Told

The fourth section of The Urantia Book focuses on the complete life of Jesus, including the "missing years". Many parts of the story will be familiar to readers of The Bible, but the total section includes over 700 pages abounding with new stories and teachings.