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The Urantia Book tells the complete story of the life and teachings of Jesus. Included is the "lost" 30 years between Jesus' birth and his public ministry, information not described in the New Testament. You can read about where Jesus came from, his family life, school years, brothers and sisters, marriage proposal, Mediterranean travels, what happened to Joseph, and where Jesus is now. If you’re a believing Christian looking for more truth about Jesus, you’ve come upon a wellspring of saving grace.
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Nazareth youth perplexes rabbis

Temple teachers were challenged for the second time in as many days by the questions of a youth from Nazareth. Jesus ben Joseph delighted the crowds and confused some of the rabbis for four hours. The discussions were lively and less aggressive than yesterday’s debates, possibly because some rabbis boycotted the session in protest of the age of the youth. He will not be thirteen until August...

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