Life of Jesus as told in The Urantia Book

The Second Preaching Tour Oct. 3, A.D. 28

The second public preaching tour of Galilee began on Sunday, October 3, A.D. 28, and continued for almost three months, ending on December 30. Participating in this effort were Jesus and his twelve apostles, assisted by the newly recruited corps of 117 evangelists and by numerous other interested persons....
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Jesus challenges disapproving Pharisees

Jesus of Nazareth astounded the guests who attended dinner here last night at the home of Simon, the influential Pharisee. Unfavorable comments were whispered when Jesus permitted an unidentified woman to anoint his feet while he ate. The woman, who has a reputation as a former brothel operator, washed the feet of Jesus...

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The Parables of Jesus

These parables represent a mighty storehouse of moral and spiritual teachings unblemished by the doctrines and dogmas of men. They are, quite simply, a pearl of great price. Click here to purchase.


The Life of Jesus as Never Before Told

The fourth section of The Urantia Book focuses on the complete life of Jesus, including the "missing years". Many parts of the story will be familiar to readers of The Bible, but the total section includes over 700 pages abounding with new stories and teachings.