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Jesus in The Urantia Book...

The 12 Apostles' Biographies

Jesus taught his apostles about the kingdom of heaven, and in return he learned much from them about the kingdom of men. These twelve men represented many different types of human temperament. In a religious sense, they were laymen, unlearned in the lore of the rabbis and untrained in...
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Urantia Book Teachings...

Are Extraterrestrials Guiding our Religions?

As Urantia Book readers know, our religions and our civilizations have, indeed, been guided by beings who do not call our earth (Urantia) their home. From the earliest times of our planet's evolution, our world has been known, fostered, and loved by those who are...
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Brightly olored Lantana flower close up.
Self Respect
Self-respect is always co-ordinate with the love and service of one's fellows.

The Urantia Book, (156:5.14)

The Urantia Book, (189:4.12)

- (you ran' chah). The name by which our world is known in the inhabited universes.

Urantia is one of a trillion inhabitable planets whose capital flourishes near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Read more in the Urantia Book.