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Jesus in The Urantia Book...

The Birth and Infancy of Jesus

It will hardly be possible fully to explain the many reasons...why the family of Joseph and Mary should have been chosen as the immediate setting for the appearance of this Son of God on Urantia...Michael finally chose Urantia as the planet whereon to enact his final bestowal. Subsequent to this...
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Urantia Book Teachings...

Is Jesus the Saviour?

According to The Urantia Book, Jesus' life among us served to illuminate the way of salvation, but his death was not a ransom paid to appease an offended God. It was, and still is, his life of unselfish service and his revelation of the true and loving nature of our...
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Island Lake Rainbow, Bridger National Forest, Wyoming by Don Paulson
The Infinite Love Of God
The infinite love of God is not secondary to anything in the divine nature.

The Urantia Book, (188:4.8)

The Urantia Book, (189:4.12)

- (you ran' chah). The name by which our world is known in the inhabited universes.

Urantia is one of a trillion inhabitable planets whose capital flourishes near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Read more in the Urantia Book.