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Is There Evidence of Life After Death?

The Huffington Post addressed this issue last year HERE focusing on the issue of immediate survival after death, not theological assertions about what happens beyond that, such as whether there is a heaven or hell or reincarnation. And the recent re-make of Flatliners approached the issue from a young person's curious side. has videos & stories HERE and even an Afterlife Magazine focused on that topic, which continues to be of interest every year!

Jesus in The Urantia Book...

The True Easter Story

For the last 20 centuries men and women have struggled to understand the brutal death of Jesus and who was responsible for it. The Urantia Book presents a startling new viewpoint. ... Click to read more

Urantia Teachings...

Easter Lessons from the Cross

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Strange rock formations by Don Paulson
Never Lost
Nothing of survival value is ever lost in all the wide universe.

The Urantia Book, (109:3.2)



- (you ran' chah). The name by which our world is known in the inhabited universes.

Urantia is one of a trillion inhabitable planets whose capital flourishes near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Read more in the Urantia Book.