World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

7. Planetary Citizenship

The continuing efforts at finding diplomatic solutions to conflicts indicates how the world is moving away from relying upon the destructiveness of war by favoring less combative methods of achieving more stable world peace.

Who would deny that disease and degeneracy are major world-wide problems? They must be irradicated before world peace is attained. Social pressure and global business reduce the handicaps of multilingualism while the wasteful destruction and misery caused by war is being realized world wide(1), (2).

Global substitutes for war are constantly being worked out and put into practice — commerce, national governments, diplomacy, sporting events, the Olympics, the space program — all contribute toward lessening the thrust toward conflict. The political influence of women is another contributing factor toward achieving higher evolutionary destinies(1), (2).

Although some cultures vigorously pursue peace there are lagging cultures that value conflict even more. Peace will not pevail until we all adopt similar peaceful values.


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