World Peace - A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

5. Evolutionary Progress—Values Passed From The Past

The act of war, in itself, has been a sign of social progress. Civilization continues on the course to eventually arrive at the final destination of light and life; it's just a matter of time. Peace will prevail once humanity has evolved beyond the usefulness of war(1), (2). War has, in the past, helped to quicken the pace of evolutionary advancement even though it also kills societies. The benefits of war must run their course in human social development.

There are five social values imparted by war, that must to be more fully assimilated before war loses its savor and before peace-promoting revelations exert their overriding effect:

Value#1 – Discipline The youth of today and tomorrow will have to acquire the training in discipline and co-operation that society and families are failing to provide. The military will continue to substitute for a permissive upbringing which lacks in these values until the time when discipline and co-operation are normal family and cultural values.

Value#2 – Fortitude The September 11th, 2001, attack on America was an enormous test of the values of fortitude and courage. Since that crisis there has been some swing away from irresponsibility, showing again that adversity continues to help mold character as it draws out latent strengths.

Value#3 – Nationalism Nationalism is another positive evolutionary step-up leading toward global citizenship. In Afghanistan, for example, as in many other countries, tribal loyalties still supercede national interests. Over time, these countries will leave the tribal culture for more nationalistic forms of government such as those which prevail in the western world, while the western world will continue on toward a more world-wide, less nationalistic, focus. Before the era of light and life, one world government will prevail(1), (2), and nationalism will have lost its influence.

Value#4 – Genetic improvement Homo sapiens is the only species where the weak and the physically and mentally unfit are encouraged to reproduce. The time will come, however, when society will have to begin to impose constraints upon who can reproduce and who cannot. For world peace to prevail, population size will have been stabalized and efforts to improve the gene pool will be acceptable.

Value#5 – Equality Revelation makes it clear that we are not created equal; neither physically nor mentally; neither are the races equal any more than males and females are equal in all respects. Equality is not a material world actuality but is a spiritual potential. The lessons of war help refocus unrealistic human wishes, wants, and desires into more realistic paths.

War has the harsh function of forcing humanity into the mold it must conform to in order to eventually accept the age of peace. It should be apparent that as a nation and as a planet we are not at all close to that eventuality. We have been told to expect war until as a species we outgrow it. To desire peace is the focus of higher thinking. To accept the inevitability of war is to accept the reality of our historical positioning within the evolutionary current.


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