Timeline - Standardized Time Conversions

• One Paradise-Havona day is just seven minutes, three and one-eighth seconds less than 1000 years of the leap-year calendar - (The Urantia Book, 14:1.5 )

• The standard day of the superuniverse of Orvonton is equal to almost 30 days of Urantia time, and the Orvonton year equals one hundred standard days. This Uversa year is twenty-two minutes short of three thousand days of Urantia time, about eight and one fifth of our years - (The Urantia Book, 15:7.2 )

• The standard day of the local universe of Nebadon is equal to 18 days and 6 hours of Urantia time, plus two and one-half minutes. The Nebadon year is equal to one hundred days of standard universe time, about five years of Urantia time - (The Urantia Book, 33:6.7 )

• 10,000 standard years is about 50,000 years of Urantia time. Three dekamillenniums is about 150,000 Urantia years - (The Urantia Book, 35:6.1 )

• The system day of Satania equals 3 days of Urantia time, less one hour, 4 minutes, and 15 seconds. The system year consists of one hundred Jerusem days. For every 100 Satania or Jerusem days there are about 300 earth days. Twenty-five thousand years of system time equals approximately 20 thousand years of Urantia time - (The Urantia Book, 46:1.2, 54:6.6 )

The Urantia Book uses A.D. 1934 as the base year for deciphering historic dates - (The Urantia Book, 46:1.2 )