This Was Mental Heaven

Submitted by Jon Detoy

Early 1977 found me floundering in search of eternal truth. My journey took me down many paths, from Catholic Bible study to Ram Dass. I found company with my friends Howard and Charlotte King, whose house was known as a haven for earnest seekers to discuss theory and philosophy. We would sit around their table exploring our minds while enjoying various gifts of the earth and playing endless games of Risk. I believed that through concentrated thought and worshipful meditation the doors of knowledge and wisdom would be opened. Many times the light would shine through, but mostly it was like digging through a ton of dogma for each pearl of truth.

All that changed in June of 1978. One evening at the Kings’ home a young man dropped a large blue book onto the table, saying, “Here. This is a little too heavy for me.” He explained that while in Colorado he had run across a wild man collecting herbs up in the mountains who introduced him to this book. Our friend couldn’t figure any of it out but felt that with all the discussion we’d had on these strange matters, possibly use could. Well, we dove into that book with restless abandon, staying up to the early hours of morning, taking turns reading to each other from wherever we opened the book.

I could not believe what had fallen into my lap. After years of searching, here was the ultimate truth – no more digging, every concept was perfection. This was mental heaven. I wanted to share these truths with everyone.

The peace and joy that comes from knowing the life of Joshua ben Joseph surpasses all other experiences in my life. I have found in the recital of his life experiences inspiration for most of my own life situations. I pray now that all the followers of Christ Michael will show in their lives Jesus living again on Urantia. Amen.

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