It Opened a Clear Path For Me

Submitted by Roger Abdo

Finding The Urantia Book was the culmination of forty years of searching for truth, reality and God. During those years, as I read hundreds of books on various philosophies and religions, I kept an open mind and stayed true to my focus. But I still had many questions about Jesus and the Trinity doctrine.

I found Clyde Bedell’s Concordex first. Fascinated by the leading questions about life, God and the universe on the dust jacket, I bought the book right on the spot. After four days of intensive search I finally found The Urantia Book at a bookstore.

The Urantia Book opened a clear path for me to follow, and gave me a renewed surge of assurance that what I was searching for was within my grasp. When I first found the book I knew no other readers, but I have since come into contact with a wonderful group of Urantians who have blessed me with their friendship and feedback. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my discovery with others.

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