God Has Answered My Prayers

Submitted by Dolores Nice

I found The Urantia Book in 1975 in the public library. Although I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools for sixteen years, I was searching for “more.” I wasn’t sure what that “more” was, but I started researching parapsychology and other esoteric practices such as astrology and numerology. It was in the section of the library dealing with these subjects that I found The Urantia Book. As I flipped through the pages, I was particularly drawn to the papers on life after death and the Jesus papers.

My mother had died in 1970 and I was still grieving. We had been very close and her death was very hard on me. My two sisters and I were too young to lose our beloved mother. Even though I’d believed in life after death before finding The Urantia Book, reading about the mansion worlds was a great comfort to me and helped me with the healing process.

The Jesus papers – how can I possibly express what reading them meant to me? I already had, since my early childhood, a deep love for Jesus. I remember stopping at the parish church on my way home from school to “visit him.” Receiving holy communion was special to me, and I greatly enjoyed all the religious events both at school and at church. Being able to read his whole life story fulfilled a deep yearning to know more about Jesus.

Finding The Urantia Book has been a blessing over and beyond what I could have ever hoped for. I am most grateful not only for the extraordinary teachings, but also for the wonderful community of believers and friends I have found in my study group, Society and in the greater readership.

God has answered my prayers; I have found the “more.” Like Ganid, I too can say: “I will every day thank God for his unspeakable gifts; I will praise him for his wonderful works to the children of men. To me he is … my spirit father, and as his earth child I am sometime going forth to see him” (p. 1454).

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