An Inspired Recipe for Transformation

Submitted by James Woodward

It was 1972 and I had quit college to travel, play music and search for a larger glimpse of the big picture. I was visiting a high school friend named David who was attending a university in the Northwest. David had this big blue book sitting on a hall stand and I asked him, “What’s this? What’s in here?” His answer caught me off guard: “Everything, man.” We had never discussed the book before; he told me his mother was into it more than he was.

From the moment I began reading there were inner clues that told me I had found something very different from the metaphysical, occult and spiritual books that had held my interest for several years. After finishing the book in 1974 I made a pilgrimage to 533 in Chicago and more inner clues assured me of the books authenticity.

There have been times since then when I was not reading regularly and was living a largely material existence. I made some poor decisions along the way which offered good lessons but served to delay my spiritual growth.

The greatest step forward in my life came indirectly from The Urantia Book, as a personal awakening to the necessity of living in the truth. This in turn led to an ethical imperative to serve. The book can teach us many wonderful things, but it cannot make our choices. It does, however, contain an inspired recipe for the transformation of a human being. Its right in there between pages 1 and 2097.

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