A Blueprint For Living

Submitted by Stella Religa

Coming from an atheistic/agnostic background, with no religious instruction from my parents, I nevertheless was a lifetime searcher for spiritual truths. Even as a child it would turn me off when I’d hear preachers on the radio saying I was a sinner. I hadn’t had a chance to sin or even to know what sinning was. Jesus died for me? That was a foolish thing to do, according to my childish mind. Who and what was he anyway? Had he even existed? But with all these questions I somehow knew that something greater must have created this awesome world and cosmos.

My search took many paths and byways until one incredible day – I didn’t know it was incredible then – my son Robert gave me a magnificent gift, The Urantia Book. He had picked it up from a study group led by Pat McNelly at the University of California at Fullerton.

The Urantia Book provided answers to every question I’d ever had, whether it was about God, Jesus, the universe, archeology, anthropology or philosophy. This was a four-year college course crammed into one 2,097- page blue treasure.

The book has inspired me to find the strength and even the wisdom to do things I didn’t know I could. One example was founding a shelter for victims of domestic violence. And now I’ve published a book, The Secret Revelation, that dares to decode the Book of Revelation.

Who knows what the eternal journey will bring? Isn’t it exciting to live in this eventful age when new but old spiritual truths are being beamed to Urantia? How privileged we are to have a blueprint for living in the greatest book on this planet, The Urantia Book.

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