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What Does The Urantia Book Say About...

 Who founded Christianity? Peter or Paul?
 Who are the nephilim? What does The Urantia Book say?
 What does the Urantia book say about witchcraft? I know more than a couple of people who can read minds using familiar spirits, or demons in other words.
 I read recently that the earth was at one time completely covered in ice. I thought I remember this mentioned in the Urantia Book. Can someone recall the reference and confirm this is in The Urantia Book?
 What does The Urantia Book say about the Sunday rest? Is that on Sunday or Saturday? Saturday is after all the 7th day of the week.
 Can other beings or creatures travel and visit other inhabited planets? Is Urania life and people the only race that is confined to this space?
 Where is this story or similar? Jesus went to the Mount of Olives ... Then the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery and made her stand in the middle. They said to him,
 What does the Urantia book say about homosexuality and the gay life style?
 What about Noah and the Flood. True or false?
 What are the Outer levels of space going to be used for? Will they be part of our destiny?
 Peter's Second Letter regarding the end of the world and destruction of unbelievers. Where did he get that idea?
 What is the Urantia book's views on dreams? In the Eckankar Religion dreams are very significant. Dreams are a door way to heaven. Is it good to keep a dream journal? Do dreams really have symbolic meanings and can lead us in the right direction?
 Do any Urantia verses suggest convincingly the evil of marijuana, cigarettes, etc?
 How does the devil fit into the world and how does the devil affect us today?
 My question is about reincarnation
 Interplanetary travel policies
 The mark of the beast
 What is The Urantia Book's stand on final judgment?
 How does one know that he has an angel?
 Is there technology in life after death?
 Do people reincarnate on earth?
 Did we exist somewhere before this life?
 Were Adam and Eve the first people?
 ...Exactly what do Angels do?
 Are Reptilians real?
 If we know God, do we still die?
 Do we know our loved ones after our mortal life on earth ends?
 LGBT relationships and marriage
 Are UFOs real or false?
 Does our spirit sleep after death?
 Have highly advanced mortals visited Earth?
 Are crop circles and UFOs real?
 ...how do we travel to other planets?
 Will aliens came to earth to help us?
 Will we eat food in Heaven?
 What is the UFO phenomenon all about?
 What does The Urantia Book say about the Planet X theories?
 GOD or Extraterrestrial?
 If a human dies by suicide, where do they go?
 Is being a lesbian a sin?
 Is the actual world being governed by reptilians/aliens?
 Could Adam and Eve come back to earth?
 What was the sin of Eve?
 What happens when one commits suicide?
 A friend took his life...does The Urantia Book address this?
 How fast can angels fly?
 Is Heaven a planet?
 Is there other intelligent life in our solar system?
 What is the universe name of our Milky Way Galaxy?
 How many galaxies are in Orvonton?
 Black Holes and Dark Matter
 Why did God let Adam and Eve fail?
 Who is Lucifer?
 Are Satan and Lucifer real?
 What does The Urantia Book say about Lucifer?
 What is Lucifer's Testament?
 Are Satan and Lucifer the same person?
 What are the names of the angels?
 Angelic hierarchy and militarism...
 Does my guardian angel have a name?
 What is sin?
 What does The Urantia Book say about homosexuality?
 Who was the first man?
 Were there humans on earth before Adam and Eve?
 Who is the father of Cain?
 Where did Cain's wife come from?
 Why did God tempt Adam and Eve?
 How did Adam and Eve's family multiply?
 Is the garden of Eden still on earth?
 What does the book teach regarding Adam and Eve?
 How did Adam and Eve's children repopulate the Earth?
 How could there be be descendants from Adam and Eve if there were only two sons mentioned...?
 What really transpired at the Noah's Ark story?
 What does the book say about abortion?
 Where were we before we incarnated on Earth?
 What is majick?
 Is there an alien plot to enslave humanity?
 How long will it take to become a fully spiritual being?
 What happens to the babies that die before birth?
 Does Atlantis exist?
 If I am male now, am I male forever?
 Who are the sleeping survivors?
 Could Earth be visited by another Son like Jesus?
 The Passover and first-born sons
 Lemuria and Atlantis
 What does the book teach regarding reincarnation?
 Is the teaching of reincarnation true?
 How to find God's voice?
 Dinosaurs - Question
 The mark of the beast called 666
 Do we have to be baptized to be saved?
 The Antichrist in the Bible
 Does The Urantia Book have a Golden Rule?