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About God  Can we have direct communication with God?
  Read the UB. No mention of the reality of hell that awaits non believers. why? thousands of testimonies state otherwise.
 How do we know God's will for us in specific terms?
 Isn't it important to know the name of the Father? Since Satan may use his powers to pretend to be even the holiest, isn't it important to know who you are calling and praying to? The bible keeps on mentioning the importance of names.
 How can we think about God during the day? Like a father? Like as in everything? How?
 I don't understand what the papers mean when they say: 1. Mother-son, 2.The Son-Spirit, 3.Father-Son. Could you please explain each one and their meaning?
 What is God?
 Is God Real?
 Is the Thought Adjuster in my head, or is it just my best judgment?
 In The Urantia Papers we hear the word "gods..."
 Living God's will
 Why do we have the urge for sex?
 Why did God create the universe?
 Is clairaudience a way to talk to God?
 Does God's will make us happy?
 Where was God when heaven and earth were created?
 Why do people have to suffer?
 Why do we suffer with disease?
 Why doesn't God make the world perfect?
 Why does God permit suffering and evil?
 Spontaneous combustion vs Adjuster fusion
 Do our Thought Adjusters cooperate with each other?
 God the Supreme vs God the Ultimate
 What relation is God the Supreme to Deity?
 Is The Urantia Book polytheistic?
 Why do you speak of plural gods?
 What is the will of God?
 What does it mean to do the Will of God?
 The will of God vs the will of the Son
 Is God playing games with himself?
 What does Namaste mean?
 Do our adjusters share our life through our senses?
 God and spiritual experience
 God's image and human dignity?
 Where was I before this life?
 Is God the darkness we see in the universe?
 What influences God in the granting of salvation?
 Is there a feminine element to God?
 If there is God, who created God?
 Where was God before the creation of heaven and earth?
 Is God male or female?
 Why are we not allowed to see God or Jesus?
 Where did God come from? - Question
 God, Moses, And The Ten Commandments
 What is GOD's name?
 Who is God?