Discover TruthBook's newly improved, ultrafast Urantia Book search engine

Discover TruthBook's newly improved, ultrafast Urantia Book search engine

Dear TruthBook Family,

You asked for it, and we listened. The search engine for The Urantia Book on has just gotten better! We are happy to announce that the Urantia Book search is once again the best English search engine for the book anywhere!

Here are some of the improvements you will experience when using our new and improved search:

Truthbook Search Engine

  • There are two types of search that can be done while on site: 1) the complete website and 2) The Urantia Book text.
  • To search the website, look at the top right of any TruthBook page, where you'll see your search options. The top box will assist you in finding a specific page on our site; for example, if you want to know if we have a topical study on friendship, simply type in your key word (no quote marks needed), and all of the pages devoted to that term will appear for you. The only exceptions are videos posted on Truthbook.
  • The box below the one above searches the Urantia Book only and returns results in both text and in many cases images and graphics too! Many search returns from the book are from our unique illustrated Urantia Book; images, paintings, and graphics appear with many of the complete passages.
  • Search for any word or phrase in the book search and it will return in yellow highlights with a short excerpt from that page in the book.
  • Entering two words separated by AND (e.g., donkey AND courtyard) will yield both words in any passage.
  • If quotes are used around each search word or phrase, only that word or phrase will return (e.g., “Jesus,” “Mary,” or “Jesus and Nazareth.”); the word searched MAY return in the initial result in the plural as well as the exact match BUT when the blue numbers indicating the passage of the book are clicked, only the exact word will appear in the cited text highlighted in yellow again.
  • Possessives (Joseph's, Peter's, earth's, etc), when surrounded by quotation marks, return highlighted references in yellow.
  • Searched words and phrases are tracked in real time. Although the searcher is never identified, the tracking allows us to improve content on the site by knowing what people are searching for.
  • The search works in all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari) and on all devices (Apple, PC, mobile and tablets).
  • Searches return only in English now, but a Spanish version of the search is in development.

Please give our search feature a try when you need to find that one word or one elusive phrase in order to make your reading and study of The Urantia Book easier. If you find other issues we may have missed (we're only human after all!), please let us know. Together we will reach our goal of making TruthBook your go-to source for searching The Urantia Book.


Your TruthBook Team