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Q: Is 21.12.2012 of any significance to Urantia?

A:  2012 is a hot topic in the world today, and I understand your desire to know if The Urantia Book teachings can shed any light on what may happen...

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any enlightenment on this subject from the teachings, except as I understand them. The Urantia Book does not engage in predictions or idle conjecture about any particular age to come, except for the normal ages of development that all worlds are subject to. Our planet—Urantia—is not progressing in the normal ways that most planets do, but that does not mean that we are exempt from gradual, and lovingly-fostered planetary development which will one day in the distant future, see Urantia achieve the final ages of Light and Life.

Because The Urantia Book spends so much time on giving us hope and information about our future destiny, I choose to believe that "21 12 2012" will be a day like any other. Absent any hard evidence, why would anyone want to believe otherwise?

The information out there on the internet is spotty, and there are positive and negative interpretations. It can be fun to see all the hype and read all the predictions, and we can get a thrill by scaring ourselves, but I would not recommend becoming too serious about it.

It is useless to waste our time trying to discern the future two years, or even two days down the road. The truth is that NOW is really all the time we have. It is also the place where we find God. He is not accessible tomorrow (although he will be), or yesterday (although he WAS)... Right this minute is where we find him. So, why be concerned over what might happen in 2010? If we live the best life we can, walking with God in every moment, we will have effectively created a future of increased goodness, no matter what...

In the end, "The real universe is friendly to every child of the eternal God"

This question has popped up before, and so I am giving you THIS LINK so that you can read what's been said before—about 2 years ago...

Thanks again for writing to us, and please write back if you have other questions."

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