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Forgiveness questions
 I committed adultery on my wife got exposed and confessed, but I asked for forgiveness. Although she says she has forgiven me, her actions show otherwise. What can I do?
 Are there consequences for past sin, even after accepting sonship with God?
 I was unfaithful to my spouse. I stopped the affair, but our marriage is ending. I now feel blocked spiritually, like I can't forgive myself and move on.
 My heart is broken by the wickedness and betrayals of my fellow beings. How can I heal?
 What if a person gives you a lifetime of pain, not only to you, but everyone in your family? I cannot find it in my heart to forgive this person. Am I wrong?
 My father was a violent, abusive man, in every way possible and imaginable. I am truly torn about forgiving him. What does The Urantia Book have to say about such things?
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