Q: The Bible deals with…the Jewish people. What about the Chinese, Aztecs, Indians, etc.?

A:  “That’s a good question that goes to the heart of the question “Is the Bible the Word of God?” since, if it is, then apparently God had little regard for those people dismissed by the Scriptures.

The Old Testament is a historical account of the Semites and the Hebrews, precursors to the Jewish people. The Old Testament is Jewish history , still thought by many to be “sacred;” since the Jewish people were devout Semites their historical account focuses on the development and evolution of the God concept within their culture and from that we have acquired the Jewish religious writings that are the Old Testament from which Christianity was born.

Is the Bible (the Old Testament) the Word of God? Certainly some of the writers were inspired by God; their contact with deity is evident to this day through their ancient writings. Yet, if it were the Word of God intended for all of mankind, one might think that it would encompass all of mankind as you’ve pointed out, since “God is no respecter of persons.”

The historical account of the religious and spiritual development of the tribe of Semites capable of recording their history has given us the foundation of Western civilization–the Bible. But, being localized, it does not provided an accurate historical account of the development of the human race on the planet. That history has been buried and lost over the eons and that’s one of the purposes for receiving the overall scope of creation reveled by The Urantia Book–it sets the record straight and puts historical events into perspective.

For example, in The Urantia Book, we learn this about the early relationship between the Chinese peoples (the yellow races) and the Indians (the red races)—

(79:5.5) For over two hundred thousand years these two superior races waged bitter and unremitting warfare. In the earlier struggles the red men were generally successful, their raiding parties spreading havoc among the yellow settlements. But the yellow man was an apt pupil in the art of warfare, and he early manifested a marked ability to live peaceably with his compatriots; the Chinese were the first to learn that in union there is strength. The red tribes continued their internecine conflicts, and presently they began to suffer repeated defeats at the aggressive hands of the relentless Chinese, who continued their inexorable march northward.

(79:5.8) The red and the yellow races are the only human stocks that ever achieved a high degree of civilization apart from the influences of the Andites. The oldest Amerindian culture was the Onamonalonton center in California, but this had long since vanished by 35,000 B.C. In Mexico, Central America and in the mountains of South America the later and more enduring civilizations were founded by a race predominantly red but containing a considerable admixture of the yellow, orange, and blue.

This is taken from a section of The Urantia Book titled: The Red Man and the Yellow Man .

Related to this most fascinating subject, it should be said that the Biblical stories of Adam and Eve as the first two human beings are in great need of updating, and The Urantia Book does that for us. When Adam and Eve arrived on the planet, there were many, many peoples of various colorations on the earth who were deemed ready for a spiritual and biological upliftment—among them the Yellow race and the Red race. This is the reason that Adam and Eve came.

You can read about the races of mankind which developed as a result of evolution before Adam and Eve HERE

You can read the story of Adam and Eve—who they were, where they came from, why they came, and what happened to them—in its entirety HERE .

This following section chronicles the distribution of the races of man following the default of Adam and Eve and their banishment from the Garden of Eden: Racial and Cultural Distribution

As mentioned above, far from the being the final word on humanity and its relationship to God, the Old Testament of the Bible is more the history of a single people—the early precursors to what we now know as the Jewish peoples. The races of mankind were not included, probably because the writers of the Bible books were not even aware of their existence. The world in those ancient times was nothing like our world today—there was no sophistication in regards to communications or global travel; life was pretty primitive, and the world outside of the Levantine areas was practically unknown.

And so, to answer your question, the races of mankind that you mention really have no connection to the Bible. This is not to say that they have no connection to God, however. Every individual of every race stands on an equal spiritual footing before God. And this great truth is fully explored within the revelation of The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book unifies the history of our planet and effectively clarifies heretofore unknown details of human civilization. If you will take the time to click on the links which we have provided in this reply, you will discover a story of humanity—and Divinity—which will greatly assist you in your understanding of our planetary history and the role of the various races of mankind.

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