Q: Why does TruthBook recognize the season of Christmas?

A:  Thanks for writing to us on this Christmas day! Blessed greetings to you, too!

This is the day that the Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is such a powerful date that much of the world stops what it is doing and pays homage to the Prince of Peace. Even though the celebration has been made “unholy” by those who pander to crass materialism, those who love Jesus understand its real significance. It remains a very holy day to them… and evidently to you, too. The “reason for the season” is sweet and tender, and one can embrace this aspect without caving in to the disagreeable parts.

We here at TruthBook are all about Jesus, as you may have noticed…we celebrate him daily on our pages, and even though our site is dedicated to the total teachings of The Urantia Book, the Life and Teachings of Jesus are our main focus, and we warmly welcome all those in the larger Christian world who seek to know more about our beloved Master.

Until the teachings of the Urantia revelation begin to seep into the consciousness of the world, we will continue to celebrate this traditional date for Jesus’ birth. It has been made “unholy” by those who are most interested in profits and sales—and many of us literally “buy” into this aspect of the season. But we here at TruthBook are most interested in joining our glad voices to those who honor and worship the babe of Bethlehem.

We also celebrate Jesus’ real birthdate—August 21-for all those who have ears to hear. Although none but Urantia Book readers are even aware of this date, most Biblical scholars are well-aware that Jesus was NOT born in December…they just don’t know for sure when the date might be. So, we keep on keepin on—and in the generations to come, we will be here, ready to celebrate this happy date in August with the world as it wakes up to the truths of the revelation. And until then, we are more than happy to join with the world whenever it celebrates the arrival of the child of promise…

I hope that this reply eases your mind somewhat about our aim in celebrating Christmas Day. For our part, we’d like to keep it holy and we are determined to continue to proclaim our joy at the miracle of the incarnated Son of God born as the helpless child of Bethlehem…no matter when we celebrate, it seems always appropriate to recognize and agree on the FACT of Jesus’ miraculous birth.

Thanks again for writing, and I hope you are enjoying a blessed day!!!

Here’s a little “Christmas card” from your friends here at TruthBook: “Jesus, Light of the World”

:: Date published: 2014-10-13 14:40:57.5
:: Author: Truthbook Staff