Q: Why do people struggle to believe the noble and enlightening truths in these revealed papers? Our generation must desist from unnecessary prejudice, otherwise, they will miss Jesus again like the Jews missed him.

A:  Why do people struggle with Urantia Book truths? It could be that some people are just not spiritually hungry—it could be that some are frightened by the idea of spiritual freedom—but for many, it is hard to accept a new revelation of a loving God who does not have it in for them. Jesus’ message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is such a simple and uplifting truth, but it is hard for many to accept that they are ennobled sons of God and not sinful wretches. What if this revelation is wrong, and hell is real? To accept the teachings of The Urantia Book requires faith, and a willingness to hear the truth in one’s innermost being, and to trust in the revelation of God that Jesus embodied—a God of love and mercy; it requires a willingness to accept the spiritual mandates of Jesus to “love one another;” a willingness to actually live the religion OF Jesus. AND it requires the willingness to question all the “sacred cows” of the religions of authority. For some, this is more than they can do; they lack the “ears to hear.”

Remember the Parables of the Sower? These parables were a powerful truth in Jesus time, and they are true in our times, too.

This revelation has been on the planet for a little over 50 years, and is only now being disseminated over the internet. It is meant to minister to this planet for a long time, but I hope it does not take centuries before we realize as a planet what a gift we have been given. As you say, the Jews missed him—and he ended up losing his life prematurely as a result of fear and suspicion. (As you so aptly put it: “stiff-neckedness and unnecessary prejudice.”) As a result, the original message of Jesus became contaminated and adulterated, to everyone’s detriment.

The good news about this revelation is that it is in book form, and cannot be killed, so it is up to us who understand what it is to put it into practice in our lives, and spread the good news as we are called to do. It will take time, but I pray that those who are seeking will find these truths before long, so that the kingdom is enlarged, and we begin to see more of the effects of these truths on our tired old world.

Thanks again for writing—great question, and a thoughtful subject…

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 14:45:25.017
:: Author: Truthbook Staff