Q: How is one to proceed when trying to discuss Urantia with a Christian, and why, of all names, is our local system named Satania?

A:  I think all devoted Urantia Book readers want to share our beloved revelation with others. Sometimes we’re successful and sometimes we’re not. I have been a reader/student for 25 years, and I still have spotty success, so first of all, don’t be discouraged.

I have discovered that when trying to share any spiritual truth, it is important to understand where the other person is, spiritually speaking. Is s/he searching? Is s/he a truth-seeker? Or is s/he secure and content with the spirituality s/he already has? If it is the latter, you may have a more difficult time showing this person the truth that you have found. Many times, new spiritual truth is only perceived when a person is in some amount of spiritual turmoil, or is actively seeking a different way.

However you proceed, try to direct your conversation to the Spirit that indwells the mind of your friend. Follow the lead of Jesus, as in this passage From The Urantia Book:

Always the burden of his message was: the fact of the heavenly Father’s love and the truth of his mercy, coupled with the good news that man is a faith-son of this same God of love. Jesus’ usual technique of social contact was to draw people out and into talking with him by asking them questions. The interview would usually begin by his asking them questions and end by their asking him questions. He was equally adept in teaching by either asking or answering questions. As a rule, to those he taught the most, he said the least. Those who derived most benefit from his personal ministry were overburdened, anxious, and dejected mortals who gained much relief because of the opportunity to unburden their souls to a sympathetic and understanding listener, and he was all that and more. And when these maladjusted human beings had told Jesus about their troubles, always was he able to offer practical and immediately helpful suggestions looking toward the correction of their real difficulties, albeit he did not neglect to speak words of present comfort and immediate consolation. And invariably would he tell these distressed mortals about the love of God and impart the information, by various and sundry methods, that they were the children of this loving Father in heaven.


Everybody has problems and concerns—and everyone loves to talk about themselves. Learn, as Jesus demonstrated, how to ask questions that are meaningful, and then be a good listener. Practice the Golden Rule always in dealing with others. Really listen, and try to put yourself in their shoes, so you understand how they feel. Practice non-judgmental listening, and try to develop real compassion for those with whom you speak. You can then address the problems as Jesus did, with the Truth that you understand it to be. Always go into a conversation with prayer beforehand, asking for inspiration from your own indwelling Spirit; ask this good Spirit to speak for you if you get confused. Remember to put your small “self” aside…and then relax.

As for the second part of your question about the name of our local system, The passage I want to share is this one:

“Because Lucifer was such a high spirit being, he delegated authority, as do all executives. In Lucifer’s case, he delegated much of his authority on this planet to a very familiar figure: Satan In fact, this system, of which our planet is a part, was given the name Satania, in honor of this selfsame Satan. This name was given before the rebellion, however, when Satan was still loyal to the Father. Thus, the name “Satania” has no sinister meaning, once this fact is understood.”

It is unfortunate that the name “Satania” is still attached to our universe, but once you understand the circumstances, it becomes far less charged. You can share this with others by explaining the Lucifer Rebellion, and you’ll find that the link I have given you above is a pretty comprehensive explanation. I find this story to be a really good one to share with Christians, as they are familiar with it; they know of Lucifer, and of course, Satan, but they are always amazed at the depth and the real facts of the story, as told to us in The Urantia Book. This story puts so many things into perspective, and sets the stage for explaining more about the true mission of Jesus of Nazareth.

Thank you very much for your questions, and I wish you all the best in your efforts to share The Urantia Book with your Christian friends. But more important than getting someone to read the book itself, is to share the amazing truths of the book; namely the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Also, do your best to actually LIVE the truths you have discovered, and as people see these truths demonstrated in your life, as they experience the fruits of the spirit in your dealings with them, they will inevitably be drawn to your spiritual fragrance.”

:: Date published: 2014-06-09 10:29:33.827
:: Author: Truthbook Staff