Q: Is there communication/collaboration between adjusters when talking to another person? Example: the greeting ‘Namaste’

A:  Namaste, and thank you for your note to Truthbook.com.

This is an interesting question…the “namaste” greeting that you mentioned is a very good one, in my opinion, and one which does actually acknowledge, and honor the Divine Spirit which activates each of us. At least that has always been my understanding of its meaning: “The Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you…”

From The Urantia Book:

Since Adjusters can plan, work, and love, they must have powers of selfhood which are commensurate with mind. They are possessed of unlimited ability to communicate with each other, that is, all forms of Monitors above the first or virgin groups. As to the nature and purport of their intercommunications, we can reveal very little, for we do not know. And we further know that they must be minded in some manner else they could never be personalized. (107:5.2)

…the Adjusters are divine in origin, and that they constitute the probable proof and demonstration of a reservation by the Universal Father of the possibility of direct and unlimited communication with any and all material creatures throughout his virtually infinite realms, and all of this quite apart from his presence in the personalities of his Paradise Sons or through his indirect ministrations in the personalities of the Infinite Spirit. (107:7.6)

So, we see that communication between my Adjuster and yours, or yours and another’s, may be possible, but remains somewhat mysterious. It seems to me to be a good practice to consciously acknowledge our indwelling Spirit when we communicate with others, knowing that they, too, possess this same indwelling Spirit. The “namaste” greeting is a good way to do that. We can also prayerfully express our desire that, in our communication with others, that we become more and more aware of our indwelling Spirit, so that we hold the highest and the best communions with our fellows.

But in the end,

The Mystery Monitors are not thought helpers; they are thought adjusters. They labor with the material mind for the purpose of constructing, by adjustment and spiritualization, a new mind for the new worlds and the new name of your future career. Their mission chiefly concerns the future life, not this life. (108:5.5)

I hope that this answer has been helpful to you.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 12:01:24.847
:: Author: Truthbook Staff