Q: If God saw that the world and his work was “good” why did Christ Jesus say that he had “overcome the world” Does something good have to be overcome?


Thank you for your note to Truthbook.com. I’ll be happy to try to answer your question.

The Bible and The Urantia Book describe creation in different ways. The Bible says God made the earth and the heavens and it was good. Then it says that God made Adam and Eve and they defiled the earth with sin.

When the Bible talks about the earth or the world it is indicating that the attitude of the humans here is sinful, not Godlike. So, according to the Bible, first the world was good, then it was sinful, and then Jesus came and lived a perfect life and overcame the influence of the sinful world.

Jesus overcame the world. Nothing “good” needs to be “overcome” — it’s sin and the influence of the world that needs to be overcome if we’re to live Godly lives.

The Bible speaks more in metaphorical terms whereas The Urantia Book gives us this information in a more fact related manner. It’s up to us to interpret their meanings and make sense of them for ourselves using them as guidance.

:: Date published: 2015-03-08 15:32:27.093
:: Author: Truthbook Staff