Q: Can you please tell me about healing in The Urantia Book? Can I learn to heal others and myself?


Thanks so much for writing to us here at TruthBook with your heartfelt question. It is an important one, and it’s an answer that many people would love to know…

You can do a search for the word “healing” at the top of any TruthBook page. Use the “Search the Urantia Book only” box and just type the word – without any quotation marks – and click search

There are about 130 references to healing in The Urantia Book, and most of them are found in the Jesus papers. Looking through those should be helpful to you. Jesus was the Master healer…if you read carefully and with the eyes of the spirit, maybe you’ll learn something about healing yourself and others from him.

I found a few for you to get started. Here’s a reference that discusses the phenomenon of Jesus ability to heal people:

149:1.1 “By the time the camp at Bethsaida had been broken up, the fame of Jesus, particularly as a healer, had spread to all parts of Palestine and through all of Syria and the surrounding countries. For weeks after they left Bethsaida, the sick continued to arrive, and when they did not find the Master, on learning from David where he was, they would go in search of him. On this tour Jesus did not deliberately perform any so-called miracles of healing. Nevertheless, scores of afflicted found restoration of health and happiness as a result of the reconstructive power of the intense faith which impelled them to seek for healing.

“There began to appear about the time of this mission—and continued throughout the remainder of Jesus’ life on earth—a peculiar and unexplained series of healing phenomena. In the course of this three months’ tour more than one hundred men, women, and children from Judea, Idumea, Galilee, Syria, Tyre, and Sidon, and from beyond the Jordan were beneficiaries of this unconscious healing by Jesus and, returning to their homes, added to the enlargement of Jesus’ fame. And they did this notwithstanding that Jesus would, every time he observed one of these cases of spontaneous healing, directly charge the beneficiary to “tell no man.”

“It was never revealed to us just what occurred in these cases of spontaneous or unconscious healing. The Master never explained to his apostles how these healings were effected, other than that on several occasions he merely said, “I perceive that power has gone forth from me.” On one occasion he remarked when touched by an ailing child, “I perceive that life has gone forth from me.”

“In the absence of direct word from the Master regarding the nature of these cases of spontaneous healing, it would be presuming on our part to undertake to explain how they were accomplished, but it will be permissible to record our opinion of all such healing phenomena. We believe that many of these apparent miracles of healing, as they occurred in the course of Jesus’ earth ministry, were the result of the coexistence of the following three powerful, potent, and associated influences:

“1. The presence of strong, dominant, and living faith in the heart of the human being who persistently sought healing, together with the fact that such healing was desired for its spiritual benefits rather than for purely physical restoration.

“2. The existence, concomitant with such human faith, of the great sympathy and compassion of the incarnated and mercy-dominated Creator Son of God, who actually possessed in his person almost unlimited and timeless creative healing powers and prerogatives.

“3. Along with the faith of the creature and the life of the Creator it should also be noted that this God-man was the personified expression of the Father’s will. If, in the contact of the human need and the divine power to meet it, the Father did not will otherwise, the two became one, and the healing occurred unconsciously to the human Jesus but was immediately recognized by his divine nature. The explanation, then, of many of these cases of healing must be found in a great law which has long been known to us, namely, What the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father wills IS.

“It is, then, our opinion that, in the personal presence of Jesus, certain forms of profound human faith were literally and truly compelling in the manifestation of healing by certain creative forces and personalities of the universe who were at that time so intimately associated with the Son of Man. It therefore becomes a fact of record that Jesus did frequently suffer men to heal themselves in his presence by their powerful, personal faith.”

I find this section very wonderful, and I hope it is meaningful to you as well.

In another reference, Jesus is ordaining the apostles, and he says:

140:3.2 “I send you forth to proclaim liberty to the spiritual captives, joy to those in the bondage of fear, and to heal the sick in accordance with the will of my Father in heaven.”

Reading the first reference over again, you can see that this is the real crux of the matter: What the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father wills IS.

That is pretty much what I can tell you – through the teachings of The Urantia Book – about healing, and as I said, most of them are from Part IV, and have to do with Jesus and the healings that he effected.

I am remembering one other, though, and it is of some interest for those who would like to be healers like Jesus was…

You might remember that, while Jesus was on the mountain with a few apostles during the Transfiguration, some of the other apostles attempted a healing of an epileptic boy – but they failed, and Jesus was called upon to do it later on – which he did. They asked him what happened and he said:

158:6.3 “In what you attempted, in which you so completely failed, your purpose was not pure. Your motive was not divine. Your ideal was not spiritual. Your ambition was not altruistic. Your procedure was not based on love, and your goal of attainment was not the will of the Father in heaven.”

But, that’s not all he said. Click to read the whole story. That section my give you some further insight about healing…

It has been my experience that the more I thank God for my healing – spiritual, mental, and emotional – the better I feel. Even if I feel sickly, affirming that I possess robust good health … thanks to God … is an immediate mental tonic for me, and makes me feel better all around.

I truly believe that God CAN heal us when we allow him to heal us, but it is also very important to want that healing for the right reasons. Remember the rich widow from Tyre.?

They don’t really say, but I wonder if she ever did get her healing from Jesus? Somehow, I think not…

Thanks again for writing. I hope that this reply is helpful to you, and please feel free to write again, any time!

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