Q: Why is there so much negativity in my life?


Sometimes it seems that negativity can become a way of life; it can almost become a habit to see the down side of things. Such a focus can bring anxiety, anger, depression, and even despair. But we can change that in ourselves; we can change our minds about how we want to see the world and ourselves in it.

We can make new habits; we can learn the habits of gratitude, of service, of forgiveness and tolerance, and of gaining a positive overview of life when we know that we are a child of God and that we have a permanent home in the Father’s kingdom, where dwells peace and joy.

Have you ever read Jesus’ advice to the young man who was afraid?

Jesus said:

“You may be surrounded with small enemies and be retarded by many obstacles, but the big things and the real things of this world and the universe are on your side. The sun rises every morning to salute you just as it does the most powerful and prosperous man on earth…”

“This day, my son, you are to be reborn, re-established as a man of faith, courage, and devoted service to man, for God’s sake. And when you become so readjusted to life within yourself, you become likewise readjusted to the universe; you have been born again— born of the spirit —and henceforth will your whole life become one of victorious accomplishment. Trouble will invigorate you; disappointment will spur you on; difficulties will challenge you; and obstacles will stimulate you. Arise, young man! Say farewell to the life of cringing fear and fleeing cowardice. Hasten back to duty and live your life in the flesh as a son of God, a mortal dedicated to the ennobling service of man on earth and destined to the superb and eternal service of God in eternity.”

And here is another section about rising above negativity: The Discourse on Jonah, where Jesus counsels:

“… God is so positively good that there is absolutely no place in him for negative evil. Your Father in heaven, by endowing you with the power to choose between truth and error, created the potential negative of the positive way of light and life; but such errors of evil are really nonexistent until such a time as an intelligent creature wills their existence by mischoosing the way of life.”

Jesus gave us good advice: “Fear not” and “Be of good cheer!” Refuse to allow the world and its problems define your state of mind. You are a beloved and noble child of God! If you sincerely want to change the influence of negativity in your life, it is a change that must come from within. The Urantia Book teaches:

“Happiness and joy take origin in the inner life.”

Therefore, you might want to have a good look at how to begin to pursue a life of spiritual growth. This decision will help you become far happier.

“The highest happiness is indissolubly linked with spiritual progress. Spiritual growth yields lasting joy, peace which passes all understanding.”

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:: Date published: 2018-12-03 11:16:43.967
:: Author: Truthbook Staff