Q: Why does my 14 year old have to endure such hardship? She has issues with her heart and scoliosis. I wish I could take her pain away and put it on me.

A:  I am so sorry to hear that your child is afflicted with these health issues. I can’t imagine how that must feel to you. As a parent myself, I know that it is so hard to see our children suffer—we only want the very best for them, and it hurts so much to witness them in pain or affliction.

I wish I could easily answer your question as to “Why? I can only say that on this dark world, many, many are afflicted with diseases and maladies. It is a partial condition of our legacy which we are still feeling from the double tragedies of the Lucifer rebellion and the subsequent defult of Adam and Eve. If things had gone right, we would have far fewer of these problems to deal with. Of course, that is little comfort to a parent such as yourself, who is seeing her child bear this kind of burden. An intellectual explanation is cold comfort, but it may help you to understand that it is not your fault, and it is not your daughter’s fault, that she is afflicted. Countless others are likewise afflicted with all sorts of diseases through no fault of their own. Jesus said:

(166:4.10) “In the matter of sickness and health, you should know that these bodily states are the result of material causes; health is not the smile of heaven, neither is affliction the frown of God.”

I feel sure that you are doing all you can to help your daughter by consulting with doctors and others who may be able to alleviate her suffering, and really, that is the best thing to do in the material sense. But absent any cure or reversal of the situation, probably the best thing to do is to reach a point of acceptance. From that point, you can help your daughter to deal with her condition as it is, and do her best to carry on with life.

You can help her by becoming strong in faith yourself, and then passing that faith and assurance on to her through example. If you believe in a good God, this will strengthen you, and her, to face life bravely and unafraid. And God will help you, if you ask him. Your daughter is in possession of an immortal soul and also she carries the same spark of God-within that all of God’s children carry, so she is well-equipped to develop her spiritual life, which is the best defense against the slings and arrows of this material life.

In every cloud there is a silver lining. Look for the good in life, and don’t allow yourself to be overcome with grief or negative thinking, as this will surely affect your youngster. Many people who are afflicted in body manage to make the best of their situation by concentrating on their spiritual growth. Even at her tender age, you can help her to discover and develop that spiritual, immortal part of herself which will give her material existence new meaning and depth, even through pain, suffering and uncertainty. Find examples of others who have made great successes of their lives despite crushing physical affliction— and there are many.

I know that these words may not answer your anguish sufficiently, but I hope you can find some positive advice here that will help you to find some comfort. It will take determination on your part, but if you can demonstrate faith and trust to your daughter, this will likely help her more than anything to endure—and possibly even improve—the trials of her physical condition. Your optimism and faith will speak to her in a positive way. Pray for more faith, and pray for strength to be a beacon of hope for your beloved child. Pray WITH her, and help her to see that she has a great capacity to achieve greatness of Spirit in spite of her physical limitations. This is a way that both of you can find real comfort, and can help both of you to put her pain into a new perspective. .

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:: Date published: 2013-05-24 12:34:09.91
:: Author: Truthbook Staff