Q: I was wondering. Is there some kind of spiritual aura that attract two of the opposite sex together? Many, if not all humans have this drive to find that special one, who God destined them to find and live with. Is that a divine human instinct?

A:  I am enclosing a link which will take you to a section of The Urantia Book titled: The Mating Instinct .

Among other things, this section explains that this powerful instinct is an “innate propensity.”

I believe that what adds an element of “the divine” to it is the quality of selfless love and devotion. These excellent qualities of love ennoble the simply primal sex urges to the highest possible outcomes—marriage, home and family.

Does God ordain a “special one” for each of us? I am sure that when we do find a person with whom we can share our lives, when such a relationship becomes infused with devoted love, understanding and tolerance, then we certainly can imagine that it is “destined,” which further increases our desire to do all we can to make it the best relationship possible. This addition of “the divine” encourages us to develop persistence, tolerance, trust and purpose, especially when times are hard. We ennoble such relationship by marriage, and we create special rituals to mark such a relationship with religious meaning. This helps to further raise the mating instinct to those high levels of divine meaning and value that make life so very worthwhile, and which help to soften the rigors of living. All relationships are an end unto themselves, and this wonderful relationship of man and woman united in marriage remains one of the most precious, and the most sought-after.

When two people of like spiritual leanings find each other in mutual attraction, it certainly can lend a “spiritual aura” to that relationship. And, when God is added as a “third” in any relationship, it certainly will raise that relationship’s potential to one of eternal value.

Thank you for writing to us with this great question.

:: Date published: 2013-05-03 10:46:26.213
:: Author: Truthbook Staff