Q: How did sex become sinful?


Q: Can you explain about sex relationships and how sex became sinful?

A: Thanks for this question: it is an important one to understand, because there have been a lot of problems created over the ages as a result of this very natural, but very powerful instinct that is common to all of God’s creatures.

Sex is certainly not a sinful thing to do, but as in all of life, one’s motivations and attitudes have a lot to do with whether it is healthy or unhealthy, loving or selfish, devoted or careless; and those issues certainly can make a difference in whether sin is involved. It is never a good idea to make a blanket statement that sex is sinful because without it, we would not survive, and one cannot judge another’s motivations as sinful or not. But it is a powerful, potentially damaging practice if one does not have proper maturity and purpose.

Please see Paper 82: The Evolution of Marriage.

Also see Paper 83: The Marriage Institution

And Paper 84: Marriage and Family Life

Many of the sections in those papers will help you understand how our view of sex and sex relations betwen men and women, husbands and wives, has evolved since the times of primitive man. I recommend a complete read-through of these papers, rather than my trying to pinpoint particular passages for you. That way, you are free to form your own opinions and practices for your highest good.

But, here’s one passage from Paper 82 that partially addresses your question:

82:2.4 In the earliest stages of tribal development the mores and restrictive taboos were very crude, but they did keep the sexes apart—this favored quiet, order, and industry—and the long evolution of marriage and the home had begun. The sex customs of dress, adornment, and religious practices had their origin in these early taboos which defined the range of sex liberties and thus eventually created concepts of vice, crime, and sin.

Again, it is best if you can commit to reading these papers for yourself, as it is important to see the information flow in the way that the authors of The Urantia Book intended it. This – like all The Urantia Book – is good, solid information that can help us in our lives by dispelling superstition, predjudice, and fear so that we can see clearly how we got to where we are. And then, we can move forward, using our intellect as well as our Spirit to make better sense of life.

Finally, we do have a topical study about sex which you can find HERE. There may be more information there that you’ll find interesting.

Thanks for writing, and I do hope that you’ll read the papers that I have suggested here.

:: Date published: 2017-09-26 16:03:15.62
:: Author: Truthbook Staff