QUESTION: As a former Pagan, I am interested in a personal relationship with the feminine aspect of deity. Would it be acceptable for me to worship and to pray to the Universe Mother Spirit as I do the Master Son?
ANSWER: There are many people who feel as you do about Mother Spirit. I can’t think of any reason that we can’t have her in mind when we pray. I find it pretty wonderful that through The Urantia Book we finally have this feminine aspect of God to celebrate.
And, Mother Spirit is a person. So, I can think of no reason that you can’t develop a personal relationship with her.
It seems to me that it is the praying that is important; that we open our hearts and minds to the presence and the guidance of our spiritual benefactors, however we think of them.
Here’s an interesting passage from The Urantia Book about our Mother Spirit (bolding is mine):
8:2.2 (92.3) The Third Source and Center is known by numerous titles: the Universal Spirit, the Supreme Guide, the Conjoint Creator, the Divine Executive, the Infinite Mind, the Spirit of Spirits, the Paradise Mother Spirit, the Conjoint Actor, the Final Co-ordinator, the Omnipresent Spirit, the Absolute Intelligence, the Divine Action; and on Urantia he is sometimes confused with the cosmic mind.
8:2.7 It is not possible that the Spirit could have more of goodness than the Father since all goodness takes origin in the Father, but in the acts of the Spirit we can the better comprehend such goodness. The Father’s faithfulness and the Son’s constancy are made very real to the spirit beings and the material creatures of the spheres by the loving ministry and ceaseless service of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit.
So, she is an aspect of the third person of the Trinity and hopefully fits very well into your onetime Pagan understanding of God the Mother.
If you are drawn to Mother Spirit in a special way and want to concentrate your prayer and worship to her, who am I to say you are wrong? I believe that when it comes to prayers, all of our petitions, and all of our worship, if sincere, are directed where they need to go. It is our job to just stay connected through prayer and consciousness of God. It is the motive that is most important. And God knows and understands your motivation to be connected in a way that is meaningful to you.