Q: If I am considered not very intelligent now, will I be more intelligent after I die?

A:  Thank you very much for this thoughtful question. It is a really good one.

In my opinion, it is a clear sign of your native intelligence that you even are able to converse with me, when English is not your native language. It says to me that you probably have more intelligence than you give yourself credit for. Learning another language is not an easy thing, so my hat is off to you! I know only English.

Maybe along the way, someone has made you feel as if you are not very intelligent, but I hope you will stop thinking of yourself that way. Certainly, the fact that you have decided to read The Urantia Book—in English—speaks of an inborn intelligence that many lack.

In the short-term, you might want to try keeping a journal or something like that, where you write down ideas or other knowledge that you find worthy. I don’t think that most people have such memory capacity that they remember everything they have ever learned—but yes—I think we tend to remember those things that are most meaningful to us or most useful to us. Nothing wrong with that…but if you keep a record of important things and ideas, you can always go back and refresh yourself in your spare time.

Your spiritual development goes hand-in-hand with your mental and intellectual education. Since you are making such a good effort to upstep your spiritual understandings, your mental capacities will also benefit—now, and in eternity, where we are going to learn even more languages, among other things…

From The Urantia Book:

The progression of eternity does not consist solely in spiritual development. Intellectual acquisition is also a part of universal education. The experience of the mind is broadened equally with the expansion of the spiritual horizon. Mind and spirit are afforded like opportunities for training and advancement. But in all this superb training of mind and spirit you are forever free from the handicaps of mortal flesh. No longer must you constantly referee the conflicting contentions of your divergent spiritual and material natures. At last you are qualified to enjoy the unified urge of a glorified mind long since divested of primitive animalistic trends towards things material. (37:6.1)

While here on earth, we all still suffer with material handicaps of one sort or another, but as you progress spiritually, you will find that your mental abilities improve also, even while still on earth. It is a function of your willingness to expand yourself—to open your mind to eternal reality and eternal values.

Here are a couple more inspiring quotes for you, regarding education, as we go through our eternal careers

Always is the way open to acquire more knowledge, to gain additional information respecting one’s present and future work as well as universal cultural knowledge, information designed to make ascending mortals more intelligent and effective citizens of the morontia and spirit worlds. (44:3.6)

Knowledge can be had by education, but wisdom, which is indispensable to true culture, can be secured only through experience and by men and women who are innately intelligent. Such a people are able to learn from experience; they may become truly wise. (81:6.13)

I feel sure that you have all that you need right now—in my opinion, you exhibit innate intelligence simply by your willingness to embrace and understand the revelation of The Urantia Book. Remember—there is a big difference between wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom comes through experience, not material education in facts. Your ability to retain facts learned through education can be affected by many things, and is not really an accurate gauge of your intellectual potential.

Don’t sell yourself short, or fear that you are not capable of understanding the important things of life. Stay close to God, pray that he continues to expand your capacities, and keep reading The Urantia Book. I think you’ll find that, as time goes on, you’ll enjoy more and more inner wisdom and you’ll feel more connected with an enlarging view of the universe, and your important place in God’s plan. All that you feel you may lack here on earth will be compensated fully as you progress in life eternal.

Thanks again for such a great question!

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:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:27:46.22
:: Author: Truthbook Staff