Q: If a fragment of God’s spirit is in our mind then why are bad thoughts passing my mind even without intentionally thinking of them?


Mind is bestowed on all living organisms, from a one-celled amoeba to human beings. And mind progresses from the simple to the complex by the ministry of the adjutant mind spirits. Human beings have progressed to the seventh adjutant – the adjutant of wisdom. Human beings (unlike other minded organisms) also possess that spark of divinity – the Thought adjuster – which ministers in our minds to help elevate it to its highest potential. Human beings (again, unlike other minded organisms) also have a God-bestowed personality with free will, and that free will can be brought to bear on the mind and its random thought. When we have thoughts that we don’t want, we can choose to replace them with better thoughts. Just because we may have “bad thoughts,” we don’t have to keep them. And really, even this awareness of which thoughts are “bad” or “good” is probably a function of that divine spark. Without it, we might never be prompted to examine what goes through our minds.

All living organisms contain mind. I am answering your question further with some relevant passages from The Urantia Book. Each has a link, so open them up to read even more, as well as the links in other places in this reply.

9:5.3 The unique feature of mind is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide range of life. Through his creative and creature associates the Third Source and Center ministers to all minds on all spheres. He ministers to human and subhuman intellect through the adjutants of the local universes and, through the agency of the physical controllers, ministers even to the lowest nonexperiencing entities of the most primitive types of living things. And always is the direction of mind a ministry of mind-spirit or mind-energy personalities.


9:5.5 Because the Third Person is the source of mind, do not presume to reckon that all phenomena of mind are divine. Human intellect is rooted in the material origin of the animal races. Universe intelligence is no more a true revelation of God who is mind than is physical nature a true revelation of the beauty and harmony of Paradise. Perfection is in nature, but nature is not perfect. The Conjoint Creator is the source of mind, but mind is not the Conjoint Creator.<

9:5.6 Mind, on Urantia, is a compromise between the essence of thought perfection and the evolving mentality of your immature human nature. The plan for your intellectual evolution is, indeed, one of sublime perfection, but you are far short of that divine goal as you function in the tabernacles of the flesh. Mind is truly of divine origin, and it does have a divine destiny, but your mortal minds are not yet of divine dignity.

12:9.6 Mortal man has a spirit nucleus. The mind is a personal-energy system existing around a divine spirit nucleus and functioning in a material environment. Such a living relationship of personal mind and spirit constitutes the universe potential of eternal personality. Real trouble, lasting disappointment, serious defeat, or inescapable death can come only after self-concepts presume fully to displace the governing power of the central spirit nucleus, thereby disrupting the cosmic scheme of personality identity.

Personality and the Spirit presence of the Thought Adjuster co-ordinate with mind; we must CHOOSE the thoughts we want, and reject the thoughts that are not consistent with God

116:6.1 In the evolutionary superuniverses energy-matter is dominant except in personality, where spirit through the mediation of mind is struggling for the mastery. The goal of the evolutionary universes is the subjugation of energy-matter by mind, the co-ordination of mind with spirit, and all of this by virtue of the creative and unifying presence of personality. Thus, in relation to personality, do physical systems become subordinate; mind systems, co-ordinate; and spirit systems, directive.<

Said Jesus:

156:5.5 “If you would be truly triumphant over the temptations of the lesser and lower nature, you must come to that place of spiritual advantage where you have really and truly developed an actual interest in, and love for, those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct which your mind is desirous of substituting for these lower and less idealistic habits of behavior that you recognize as temptation. You will in this way be delivered through spiritual transformation rather than be increasingly overburdened with the deceptive suppression of mortal desires. The old and the inferior will be forgotten in the love for the new and the superior. Beauty is always triumphant over ugliness in the hearts of all who are illuminated by the love of truth. There is mighty power in the expulsive energy of a new and sincere spiritual affection. And again I say to you, be not overcome by evil but rather overcome evil with good.”

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