Q: Can I move things around me by just imaging it in my mind? Would GOD give me that talent?

A:  I don’t believe it has ever conclusively been proven that human beings have this power. A lot of very realistic demonstrations make it look as if this is possible, but slight-of-hand “magicians” are very clever in making illusions seem real–like David Copperfield being able to pass through the Great Wall of China or to make a passenger plane disappear. Does he actually do these things? No, not at all, but they look real to us, our eyes deceive our minds. Does Uri Geller actually bend spoons with his mind–not that I’m aware. Again I think it’s an illusion and a trick that appears real.

An Indian guru was once asked by one of his students if the guru would walk across the lake over to the next town. The guru replied that it didn’t seem like a good use of time to practice for 15 years to be able to do this when he could easily take the row boat.

The world isn’t supported on a foundation of magic–reality is logical and rational. We can do spectacular things with our minds, but we’re given hands and feet for moving things. Would God give you that talent? If it were possible to move things mentally it would be due to your unique hereditary endowment that made your brain somewhat different from others. God would not bless or curse you over your fellows since God does not play favorites.

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:: Date published: 2014-05-22 15:13:59.403
:: Author: Truthbook Staff