Q: How do you move on when surrounded by circumstances which reminds you of a past life?

A:  Thanks for your note to Truthbook.com . We are always happy to try and assist our friends with their concerns, if we can…

Your question may have to do with either a kind of life which you led in your present life on this earth, and no longer lead—or, I am wondering if you are asking about a past life, as in reincarnation…?

Moving forward in a new kind of life, after renouncing a kind of life that we no longer wish to lead can be a challenge. And here, I am going to assume that you want to move forward in a spiritual, or moral sense. (I apologize if this is not correct.) When once we decide to adopt a better way of living, we are always faced with the remnants of the old life. It can take time to implement the new behaviors—to replace old habits with new and better ones. On this subject, Jesus teaches:

“Forewarn all believers regarding the fringe of conflict which must be traversed by all who pass from the life as it is lived in the flesh to the higher life as it is lived in the spirit. To those who live quite wholly within either realm, there is little conflict or confusion, but all are doomed to experience more or less uncertainty during the times of transition between the two levels of living. In entering the kingdom, you cannot escape its responsibilities or avoid its obligations, but remember: The gospel yoke is easy and the burden of truth is light.” (159:3.7)

With determination and perseverance, the old patterns gradually fade, as we increasingly experience the joys and satisfactions of the newer and better ways. Success breeds success, and so one has to just keep reinforcing that success by living one’s inner truth, and staying close to God. The circumstances of the old ways can be a hindrance at first—we can be surrounded by the reminders of the way we used to live; but in time, all of that will fade if we remain true to our desire to be better and do better. Don’t lose faith. God will help you to overcome even the most difficult circumstances if you are sincere in your desires.

If your question is regarding your belief that you had a previous life in another reincarnation, I would have to advise you that your belief may need a revision. Reincarnation is a belief that many hold. I also had this belief at one time, but I no longer believe it to be true.

Jesus taught that reincarnation is not true. What IS true is that, rather than reincarnating on this planet again and again, we are resurrected into the new life of the Father’s ascension plan after our death. In this new life, we do experience many “translations,” rising ever higher, from mortal to spirit status, but the life that we experience here on earth is our one and only life in the flesh. It is the “vale of soul-making.” Once we die here, we are never doomed to have to repeat the earthly life, but the soul that was created here is an entity of eternal value and will more forward. .

I find this teaching far more attractive and believable than reincarnation, which seems to me to be quite a dismal proposition, especially since our world is such a dark world, torn by rebellion and tainted by sin. The Father’s plan provides an endless journey to true “enlightenment.”

I hope that this reply has addressed your question. Please write back if it has not, or if you have any other questions. And thanks again for writing to us.”

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:22:57.487
:: Author: Truthbook Staff