Q: How do I know if I am on the same path as Jesus; and how do I understand where I am at and where I am headed?

A:  Thanks so much for writing to us with this thoughtful question. I’ll be giving you an answer based on teachings of The Urantia Book.

196:1.3 To “follow Jesus” means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master’s life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.

If you’re on the path of spiritual discovery and growth, if you love God as your Father and desire to do his will, if you sincerely love your fellow humans because they are also God’s children…then, I would say that you are following Jesus, because that is how he lived and that’s what he taught.

If this is true of you, then where you are is in the kingdom of heaven, and where you are headed is an eternal life of adventure and spiritual growth, beginning with this life on earth, right here and right now.

170:2.16 Jesus never tired of telling them that the kingdom of heaven was their personal experience of realizing the higher qualities of spiritual living; that these realities of the spirit experience are progressively translated to new and higher levels of divine certainty and eternal grandeur.

But since you seem somewhat unsure about it, I might think of you as a “seeker.” Now might be the ideal time to start finding out about “the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it.” Your question makes me wonder whether you are a reader of The Urantia Book, but, since you seem to want to follow Jesus, I can assure you that if you try it, you’ll like it.

One way to start is to just look over the Table of Contents for Part IV and pick out papers that appeal to you. This means Papers 120-196. Scroll down to those papers on this page and have a look. Take a taste here and there… soon, you’ll want to know the whole amazing story.

Here’s a good place to start: Jesus’ Concept of the Kingdom Really, you are in the perfect place right now to start to understand more about your life. Once you understand more about Jesus and his amazing human and divine life, you’ll get new inspiration and purpose for your own life, so that you’ll never have to wonder where you are again…

:: Date published: 2014-05-20 16:07:07.137
:: Author: Truthbook Staff