Q: How can one make a living while contributing to the enlightenment?

A:  The customary way of making a living is to have a job. Just because one is working towards “enlightenment,” does not mean that they are somehow exempt from earning a living the way everyone else does. And one can contribute to the enlightenment in any occupation; one’s vocation is a way that one can meet people, talk to people, and spread the “good news” as they go forward in life.

So, whatever your talents are, whatever your “passion” is in life, you can still make valuable contributions to the world around you by loving God, dedicating your will to doing the will of God, and serving the brotherhood of man while earning your living and paying your way in life.

From The Urantia Book:

(140:4.5) While light dispels darkness, it can also be so “blinding” as to confuse and frustrate. We are admonished to let our light so shine that our fellows will be guided into new and godly paths of enhanced living. Our light should so shine as not to attract attention to self. Even one’s vocation can be utilized as an effective “reflector” for the dissemination of this light of life.

This is from “You are the Salt of the Earth ” I suggest you give it a look. And here are another couple of passages that may interest you:

(149:4.3) On this same occasion the Master talked to the group about the desirability of possessing well-balanced characters. He recognized that it was necessary for most men to devote themselves to the mastery of some vocation, but he deplored all tendency toward overspecialization, toward becoming narrow-minded and circumscribed in life’s activities. He called attention to the fact that any virtue, if carried to extremes, may become a vice. Jesus always preached temperance and taught consistency— proportionate adjustment of life problems.

(149:4.6) While it is true that many men and women must assiduously apply themselves to some definite pursuit as a livelihood vocation, it is nevertheless wholly desirable that human beings should cultivate a wide range of cultural familiarity with life as it is lived on earth. Truly educated persons are not satisfied with remaining in ignorance of the lives and doings of their fellows.

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:: Date published: 2014-05-22 14:21:20.01
:: Author: Truthbook Staff