Q: With such a focus on bestowal missions in The Urantia Book, how can you know whether you are just human or if you are a divinely bestowed personality?

A:  Are you thinking that maybe because of this unique focus more people will be claiming to be divine? That’s possible–on the strength of The Urantia Book revelation, more people are claiming to have special connections to spirit beings, since any time that attention is given to something out of the ordinary people with unstable tendencies rush to use it to their advantage. We all like to think we’re special–and we are, but not in a worldly fashion and it’s the worldly that exerts such a strong pull on the ego.

Divinely bestowed personalities know who they are–Caligastia, Adam and Eve, Melchizedek , Jesus. They understood where they’d come from and what it was they were intended to do while here so there was no doubt in their minds. Jesus, as a child, faced some confusion, but as he grew up and matured the knowledge came back to him. So, if you’re a divinely bestowed personality you know your past and your future. If you’re a self-deluded person you’ll make yourself believe there’s something divine and extra special about you, but deep down you’ll know it’s a deception.

It’s my guess that there are no divinely bestowed personalities in human form on the planet at this time and that there won’t be any for some time to come. We’re pretty much left to our own devices by deity since it’s important that we evolve naturally and solve our own problems. But at some point we’ll have evolved to the point where we’re ready for a new teacher and one will come. However, TUB has been here for 50 years and is still unknown–it’s going to take a while for it to have its intended effect and we’ll need to absorb the fifth in order to be ready for something additional.

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:14:06.97
:: Author: Truthbook Staff