Q: After the curtain closes on this realm, will I be able to visit or spend time with other family members after they pass on?

A:  The Urantia Book offers us a great wealth of information and comfort regarding the process of death and the experience of mortal resurrection. More importantly for you right now, it also offers us assurances that on our eternal journey through the Father’s realms, we will always “…know and be known—remember and be remembered by, our onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia.”

Yes—we will be able to visit with our loved ones after they pass on. Our important earthly relationships are never forgotten.

I took the above quote from the section called, “Survival of the Human Self,” (112:5.1) . It is part of Paper112 entitled “Personality Survival.” I encourage you to read through this paper.

Also, I think you would be very interested in The Urantia Book‘s wonderful revelation to us regarding our immediate experiences after we die. In Paper 47 “The Seven Mansion Worlds,” there is a specific reference to our being able to visit people that we knew in our earthly life: (47:3.6) ) I am sure you will gain a lot of comfort From knowing that God has such thrilling and wonderful plans for us mortals, and that we will be able to reunite with our loved ones. Learning of God’s ascension plan for all of us can be so reassuring, and can ease a lot of concerns that we may have about death.

I hope you’ll continue to visit Truthbook. Please have a look at “You Can Live Forever” and “After You Die,” two of Truthbook’s videos based on Urantia Book teachings.”

:: Date published: 2014-05-21 15:52:08.26
:: Author: Truthbook Staff