Q: If a woman has had three different husbands on earth, which one will she wind up with in Heaven?

A:  When you get to heaven, you will be reunited with those people with whom you enjoyed some kind of meaningful relationship. This will possibly include parents, children, friends, and yes—spouses. No meaningful relationship is ever lost—nothing of real value ever disappears in the universe, and all relationships with other personalities are an end in themselves, with eternal value.

However, it is an error to think that a person’s marriages continue in Heaven. While we do enjoy the fellowship of many personalities—both those that we knew on Earth, and many new ones—our life after death is for the purpose of guiding each individual along the Father’s ascension plan; the only goal of that plan is to reach Paradise. Our mortal, physical bodies are not resurrected; instead we acquire a new form which is not physical. We no longer reproduce children, nor do we have sexual experiences as we do on earth. There is no need for marriage in Heaven as we know it on Earth, as that part of our earthly existence is over.

In truth, we will be more like the angels when we resurrect into our new life after death. Here is a passage from The Urantia Book which explains something of the way we will be after we pass from this life:

(38:2.2) Though seraphim are very affectionate and sympathetic beings, they are not sex-emotion creatures. They are much as you will be on the mansion worlds, where you will “neither marry nor be given in marriage but will be as the angels of heaven.” For all who “shall be accounted worthy to attain the mansion worlds neither marry nor are given in marriage; neither do they die any more, for they are equal to the angels.”

The “Mansion Worlds” are those stopping places on our way to Paradise, and where we will meet our loved ones from our earth-life.

The only part of us that survives this earthly life is our immortal soul, which is spiritual in nature. While you will know and be known, remembered and remembered by, your former earthly associates, the bonds of marriage that you enjoyed on earth will not continue into your eternal adventure.

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:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:49:33.703
:: Author: Truthbook Staff