Q: I have noticed that atheism is growing in popularity with the younger generations. What are your thoughts on atheism because I don’t see it going away anytime soon?

A:  There is no endorsed system of belief nor any of disbelief that automatically assures or denies one’s survival; God is neither respecter nor condemner of persons. The ticket to heaven is as valid for those who disdain belief as it is for those who profess to believe; it’s the birth of a soul and the development of survival values during this life that provide the vehicle for resurrection on the mansion worlds. All that’s really required here is having a moral nature and a flicker of faith in something greater than oneself.

Our world is more confused than most; does that mean that there’s less likelihood for survival for those unfortunate enough to experience their initial life here? No, I think it’s an indication that if anything, more leniency will be afforded us, that if anything, more may be permitted to experience the mansion worlds just so they’ll be equipped to make the survival decision based on understanding and not on ignorant conjecture.

Belief and faith lead to a more fulfilling, happier, better rounded life. They elevate the outlook on life to positive levels. Knowing that we are God’s children and that everyone is our spiritual brother and sister provides a foundation in reality that unbelievers lack. Studies have shown that on average believers live happier and more satisfying lives than do non-believers. The internet and other sources offer a number of global happiness and fulfillment studies advancing this observation.

Atheists tend to be intellectually bright but lack discernment of the difference between religion and spirituality. When they find dogma, church, or religion dissatisfying they reject God as well as the dogma. As children and adults continue to exist in non-spiritual and secular environments atheism will continue grow in popularity, with people becoming more aimless, less unfulfilled.

The teachings of The Urantia Book can help bridge this gulf because of its truth content, logical integrity, scientific validity and philosophical value. The best approach with unbelievers may be to set the spiritual magnitude of The Urantia Book aside and stress its scientific and philosophical value.

Thank you for your question and best wishes…

:: Date published: 2013-05-24 13:48:14.69
:: Author: Truthbook Staff