Q: Six Important Questions

A:  You have asked many questions in your note, and so I’ll address them one by one:

Do you believe in re-incarnation?

I do not personally believe in reincarnation, and reincarnation is not part of the teachings of The Urantia Book.

When one dies is there a recollection of his activities on earth? Can we still meet our loved ones at the higher planes?

There is definitely a recollection of our earthly life once we resurrect to new life after death. From The Urantia Book:

“The Thought Adjuster [the “inner spirit”] will recall and rehearse for you only those memories and experiences which are a part of, and essential to, your universe career. If the Adjuster has been a partner in the evolution of aught in the human mind, then will these worth-while experiences survive in the eternal consciousness of the Adjuster. But much of your past life and its memories, having neither spiritual meaning nor morontia value, will perish with the material brain; much of material experience will pass away as onetime scaffolding which, having bridged you over to the morontia level, no longer serves a purpose in the universe. But personality and the relationships between personalities are never scaffolding; mortal memory of personality relationships has cosmic value and will persist. On the mansion worlds you will know and be known, and more, you will remember, and be remembered by, your onetime associates in the short but intriguing life on Urantia.” (112:5.22)

Is hell real?

The Urantia Book teaches that there is no place of eternal damnation. God is not cruel or vindictive, but a loving Father who desires that none shall perish. Again, HERE is an answer to that question, previously answered on our site

How can I get in touch with my inner spirit?

You can get in touch with your inner spirit through desire. Your inner spirit is always with you, and is desiring to communicate with you, so your desire to establish that communication is sufficient to open that God-to-man channel. It may require that you practice quiet times of prayer and worship to become receptive enough to hear the “still, small voice” which is the voice of God-within.

‘The worship experience consists in the sublime attempt of the betrothed Adjuster to communicate to the divine Father the inexpressible longings and the unutterable aspirations of the human soul — the conjoint creation of the god-seeking mortal mind and the god-revealing immortal Adjuster. Worship is, therefore, the act of the material mind’s assenting to the attempt of its spiritualizing self, under the guidance of the associated spirit, to communicate with god as a faith son of the Universal Father. The mortal mind consents to worship; the immortal soul craves and initiates worship; the divine Adjuster presence conducts such worship in behalf of the mortal mind and the evolving immortal soul. True worship, in the last analysis, becomes an experience realized on four cosmic levels: the intellectual, the morontial, the spiritual, and the personal — the consciousness of mind, soul, and spirit, and their unification in personality.” (5:3.8)

“Did you ever sincerely endeavor to talk with the spirit of your own soul? Such a thing is indeed difficult and seldom yields consciousness of success; but every honest attempt of the material mind to communicate with its indwelling spirit meets with certain success, notwithstanding that the majority of all such magnificent human experiences must long remain as superconscious registrations in the souls of such god-knowing mortals.” Jesus, (133:4.10)

How can one see God?

One can only see God with the eyes of the Spirit.

“The Universal Father is not invisible because he is hiding himself away from the lowly creatures of materialistic handicaps and limited spiritual endowments. The situation rather is: “You cannot see my face, for no mortal can see me and live.” No material man could behold the spirit God and preserve his mortal existence. The glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine personality presence is impossible of approach by the lower groups of spirit beings or by any order of material personalities. The spiritual luminosity of the Father’s personal presence is a “light which no mortal man can approach; which no material creature has seen or can see.” But it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.” (1:3.3)

Jesus said:

“ Mortal man cannot see the spirit Father; therefore have I come into the world to show the Father to your creature eyes. But when you have become perfected in spirit growth, you shall then see the Father himself.” (180:6.8)

Each of the links I have given you will reveal more links that you may explore for an even greater understanding of Urantia Book teachings regarding your thoughtful questions.

Thanks again for writing to us. I hope that this reply has been helpful to you.”

:: Date published: 2014-05-21 15:19:35.91
:: Author: Truthbook Staff